Life Lesson Vers 1 – There is no right moment

Wait for the right moment

I am re writing my theories on life lessons, I know you all have read this before, I would only recommend to read this again as I wrote this in a 360 degree view, thinking from others perspective, applying all the answers I can think of.

I am going to ask you a question. Wait for the right moment? So assume you would give me one answer favorable to my question, and another one will give you an opposite answer. I have read many other blogs and people either say wait for right moment, or another set of bloggers say don’t wait for it, both looks very positive, but I do not want to judge which one is right, so here my answer for this question would be

Wait for the right moment; I split this advice into three parts

  • You should wait for the right moment
  • You are at the right moment
  • You are not aware of the right moment

So my answer to this life lesson theory of wait for the right moment is three answers.

You need to wait for the right moment

Assume you are cooking a meat, you need to wait for the right moment to eat the meat so that you can taste it and enjoy the food, if you do not wait you are going to eat a raw meat and you are definitely not going to enjoy it, if you wait too much you are going to have a hard time eating a over fried meat. Here the goal is to have a satisfying food, and that can be yielded only if you wait for the right moment.

You are at the right moment

Assume you are a civil engineer and been jobless for years, and you are getting an opportunity in a small civil concern with a pay equal to an entrepreneur, and also you have a fund to start your own, When your KEY GOAL is only to earn more money, I would say you are at the right moment, you can either take up the opportunity at the small concern and gain some knowledge that will help your business grow better in the future, in either way you are going to win, why wait? When you can earn and learn at same time.

You are not aware of the right moment

This is more like a no win situation, the above two examples have a clear goal and a positive outcome to go for it. Here you know your goal but you have no clue where you are at it now. Imagine you have bought a stock and you got a rumor that the stock is going to fall down in minus in next half hour and one of your best friend says it is going to give you double benefit. You are not sure of the positive outcome and you are also not sure of the negative outcome which is kind of a no win situation and you just have to believe any one of them or take a smart decision to save your stock investment.

Wait for the right moment

This conclusion must look very diplomatic, as there is always another side, when there is a winner there is always a loser and there is also one with a minimal benefit. So this is my point, Wait for the right moment is completely based on the outcome of the action or situation one is going to face, without knowing one’s situation one cannot say they need to wait for the right moment or they are at the right moment or when they cannot think they cannot declare that they are not aware of the right moment. You must THINK, think before you do something, and ensure that something is favorable to you, and for your surrounding then go for it, do not wait. But before you realize you are at the right moment, ensure you are 200% confident about it.

Also, let’s be more practical, lot of people around us like me wanted you to be more positive on what you do, because that gives us confidence and it is also becoming a reason for success. But please be always prepared for the worse too, one cannot always win, there will be flaws, we are not a perfect creature, and we all do make mistakes, but please ensure you are learning from it and next time make it the right moment!

Thanks for reading….


33 thoughts on “Life Lesson Vers 1 – There is no right moment

  1. Amazing post , Simon!
    This really made me stop and think. When does the right moment actually come? What you’d said in your post is very important. Either we should wait for the right moment or make every moment right. Personally , I’d go with the latter. I’m a firm believer of living in the present and honestly , the future is very uncertain. What we have is just now so I think every moment should be seized by us for our betterment and that of others!

    Very enlightening post , Simon! I hope you write more like this one in the future. I’d love to read them. Hope you’re having a good day!


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  2. Thank you Shruti, I’m working on it, I hope I’ll write more this kind of posts, Don’t miss to enjoy our fictional works too 😉👍 I love life lessons and philosophy and Just like you I’m a strong believer of NOW, let’s not waste our precious time for an uncertain future, life is short, we just have to think and act and seize every moment. Well said Shruti ✨ Thanks for the beautiful insight 🤗

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  3. I love your fictional works too. Dunno how I forgot to mention it. My bad! Present is a great giver , only if we learn to extract valuable essence from it! Let’s give it our all to the NOW!

    ps- thank you once again!!😃
    T’was my pleasure.
    Have a great day! 💙💫

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  4. So true. I’m speechless and got nothing more to add. Loving this post. It keep me thinking and nodding.

    A lot of time I’m stuck between “waiting for the right moment” and “not aware it’s the right moment “

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  5. Hi Simon, you are perfectly right!
    It always depends on the situation, sometimes we need to wait for the perfect time and sometimes we are in the perfect time we just need to see it which is not so easy!
    You’ve pointed it out beautifully! 🤗🤩

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  6. Very well said Simon! You have it right, we just need to see what moment we are at so we can make the right decision. A lot of people just usually wait too long and lose out. We always need to know if we are at the right time or need to wait for the right time. And you’re right, sometimes we will make mistakes, but we can learn from them too and move on with more knowledge for the next time.😁😸

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  7. Thank you for the beautiful insight! You are right about it, waiting too long and to lose is definitely not a good idea, and Yes mistakes happen and we need to move on with its knowledge ✨🤗 you must be sleeping now, good night Steve ✨🤗💐

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  8. For real? How could you ask such question to a workout freak 😁 Definitely NO 😜😂 I just do normal Workouts and use diet to maintain less fat% ☺️ That’s it. If I have more fatty foods I’ll get fatty lumps on my body it’s called Lipoma🙄 ☺️There is a reason behind this lifestyle 😉

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  9. Hmm, I never knew that before. I must look that up.🤔
    One of my brothers always would stand on his head, said it was good for the brain.🤔🙄 I tried it once, all I got was a headache.😂😂

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  10. Ha ha ha 😂😂😂 I have no idea what it does to our skull, I’ll get only headache, just like you. Never wanted to try it out ☺️ I’m seriously working on bringing my packs out of my stomach 😉 lock down did put some fat around my stomach 😂😂

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  11. With all those workouts you are adding weight?😳😳 Hmm, I wonder if standing on the head would help reduce weight.🤔🙄 Wouldn’t want to eat after doing it, that’s for sure.😂😹😄😸

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  12. I’m eating 4 times now and that’s a reason I’m getting a bit of fat added, I should do more rigorously 😜 like turning off the fan and working out would help me sweat more and burn more 🤔 that might work 😂😜 standing on head? No way.. I don’t want to vomit my pre-workout meal 😜

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  13. How about standing on your hands, but keeping your body horizontal, my brother did that too.🤔 He said it was good for the stomach muscles.😜😳 When I tried it I just fell over.😳😂 Crazy exercises.🙄 I stay with normal ones.😁😸

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  14. Is that planks 🤔yup can do, totally! I can Steve ✨ yes it’s good for core workout, it will strengthen I’ve been doing it for last 10 days and it’s good. U shud try for 15 seconds initially. Then you can gradually increase it. Just google for it’s proper position so that u won’t hurt yourself ☺️. Also ask your doctor whether can perform these 😉 that’s safe 👌

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  15. Yeah, that’s what he called it! I’m not sure I want to try that one though, don’t think my back could handle it now. I can’t even contact my doctor right now, the clinic has been closed.😳 For emergencies we just go to the hospital, or anything else. But if it’s not an emergency there is a 7 to 10 hour wait to see a doctor.😳 Hope that changes soon.😕🙄

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  16. That’s really a bad side about this corona, today I’ve heard a news of two babies die before delivery due to no doctors available. This is really a pain, government should do something about it. Hope things will change soon. I’m late. Time for bed Steve. Signing off now 🤗 Enjoy your lunch 😉

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  17. Yes, you are late. Yep, that’s a big problem, doctors are moving around to other areas to help out leaving some areas with no doctors.
    Hope you sleep well tonight, or is it tomorrow now? Anyway, good night!😁😸🌞🌙😴

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