Life Lessons – Vers 18 – Perception

What is a perception?

A feeling or an understanding of something we believe that it is what it is, but it is not. – Simon

Not sure what i am trying to say?

Perception is something what you see and hear about someone or something. But what you see and what you hear might seem like a reality, which is actually not. You might believe that is the truth which is of course not.

Let me make it more simple in one line.

There is no truth. There is only perception – Gustae Flaubert

This is only my point of view. What the universe has, or what you have might be different from what i think, or neither any of our point is right.

I could worry about myself like this. Why people think i am boring and not lively, why others think i prefer being alone and ignore me, why people think i talk like 90 year old and do not think like my age people?

My answer, They have not seen my lively side, they have not seen the time i spend with people and fun side and they have not seen the way i mingle with current generations.

See, my point here is, i mentioned what i could worry, is some one’s perception. That is not my reality, why should i fall for someone’s perception when i know what my reality is?

My perceptions other people has in mind is what i let them see, and there are other side which they are yet to see, which is obvious like a coin that has both sides, you saw my negative side and that means you are yet to see the positive one.

Perceptions Change

Just like we age, just like our career and life style change, the perceptions will also change. Today someone would say you are a god, tomorrow same people would say you are an evil. So which one are you in real?

What should we stick with? Stick with reality. Ignore the perceptions, ignore the attitude towards your perception.

Perception might seem like a reality which i said in the beginning, if that is reality you can change your reality. Change your perception so does your reality change, your life, your perception, your reality.

We are yet to discover our purpose on this universe and our time is limited. Instead of living or worrying about someone’s reality or perception, LIVE YOUR LIFE. Because only you know who you are.


8 thoughts on “Life Lessons – Vers 18 – Perception

  1. When we were in the savannahs running from predators, it was perception that saved our lives. There wasn’t always something waiting to eat us, but failing to “follow our instinct” at the wrong time meant death.

    Perception can certainly change over time, and what you say is true. People will always size us up by the characteristics they are aware of, for they no not what is inside our hearts and minds.

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  2. Thank you for stopping by Joelle. I appreciate your time now reading my blog πŸ₯°. What you said is true, i will agree with your point, “for they no not what is inside our heart and minds” Have a peaceful night. Hope your paw friends let you have that. πŸ˜‰

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  3. Thanks for making a blog for my one are always removing the negative clouds when I am feeling little down..thanks a lot…

    It’s so nice to see someone writing something for me …

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  4. Very true! Our life is too short to worry about how the others see us…perceptions do change and is normal…otherwise our life will be boring πŸ€ͺ
    Have a great week Simon! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸŒΌ

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