Don’t touch it

Mom! look what i found?

She slapped my hands, the beautiful little statue fall 2 feet far from my hand. I looked at her. “Why did you do that?”

Mom said “Never ever touch that, where did you get it?”

She started blabbering herself about this and that will happen. I sat at the sofa staring at the little cute statue of a woman.

Mom quickly came with a bottle of blessed water from the church and she sprinkled on me and started praying. I laughed at her “What are you doing Mom, stop this. You are acting crazy”

She never listened to me and continued the prayers and she took a paper and covered the little statue that was staring at me, now i dont know where it is.

I scratched my head and i told her “enough of your drama Mom. I’m going to bed. It’s late already”

She sternly looked at me.

“What?” I asked.

She said “Nothing, go!”

I looked at her, she is behaving strange.

I came back to my room. Shuts the lights off. Pulled my covers and in a moment I’m in deep sleep.

After about 2 hours…

The little statue and me in the dark room. She was walking towards me, i looked at her amazed. The little figure became the size of a human figure and she came towards me and asked “You like me isn’t it?”

I said “Yes i do! You are the little statue right?”

She smiled “nobody liked me all these years, but you took me in your hand right, because you liked me””

I can hear her voice, but her mouth wasn’t moving. I wondered if this is how a dream would be. I would like to go with the flow of the dream. I nodded to her.

She asked “I need a place to say”

I replied “You can stay with me, in my room, forever” i gave her a romantic smile.

She giggled now but i still can’t see her mouth open just a small smile on her face.

She said open your arms, as i did, i closed my eyes expecting a hug, but i saw the statue Changing its color, changing its shape, it looked like a boy’s statue now, and that boy looked like me, in a moment it pulled me inside the statue i started to scream, but no one can hear, I’m in a dream.

I continued to scream and i lost my consciousness, when i opened my eyes i was that Statue, not able to move or talk, trapped i started to cry within myself, what did i do to myself? I heard a voice as i could see her from a hole from inside of a box. She was inside my body, she walks past my mom and hugs my mom in the back and she asked breakfast, my mom happily serving me no serving her the breakfast.

Mom advised “Don’t touch it, anything from your grandfather’s room. that doll you saw. It swaps people soul and it traps their soul inside forever. Glad i saved you before you lose yourself.”

I started to sob but no one can hear, as i saw myself looking at me straight with an evil smile. It’s not me it’s her, she is the one smiling from my body. I wish someone could save me.

Wait why do i hear my mom’s voice different, i looked at her once again, the head turned and looked at me, it says “Glad our plan worked just like i expected all these years i was searching for that statue to bring you out.

I froze, “Where is my Mom then? If she was not my mom all these years who was with me? Lot of mystery behind, i quickly need to find someone and get myself a body and solve this mystery”

Don’t touch it. Even if you find me pretty enough to keep myself with you, I’m going to steal your soul, remember!

15 thoughts on “Don’t touch it

  1. Wow. It is really interesting. I couldn’t even leave my eyes off the screen until I reached the end. Amazing! 😊

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Hi Saania✨ Thanks for your time reading 🤗 Glad you liked it. There should be a movie ☺️ i would love to watch it too 😍 Have a beautiful day Saania ✨💐

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Really 😍 i have lot of dreams now ☺️ time for a little sleep to wish ✨ May your dreams come true Saania✨ Happy Dream come true day🤗💐


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