Wrong House

The guy in black t-shirt and black tracks walks slowly inside the bushes. A door above his head. He slowly rubs the window found the gap and started to push up. The window slowly slides open.

As the man in black t-shirt and black tracks made his way inside this unknown house. He wore socks to avoid much noise in the process of taking things. That’s an urban neighborhood far away from his home.

At the dark night he tries to see things. Everything is dark on that house. As he is slowly walking forward and tries to touch things. He feels the presence of a chair and as he tries to sit on that for a moment to adjust his eyes to the darkness so that he can see something he could take and leave.

He tries to rest on the chair, it feels so comfy he feels like as if sitting on someone’s lap. As he lays back on chair he realises something soft on his left shoulder. He holds that soft ball kind of thing and tries to look closer when he saw a two white eyes opened looking at him. He slipped down from that chair and looked at the chair again.

An even more darker figure started to rise from the chair and started to wave it’s hand with something shiny, he quickly manages to touch the wall and found the light switches and he turns that on. Finally he could see the entire room that got nothing except an empty chair and an empty bed.

He scratched his head and confused with what he saw a moment ago he convinces himself that must be seeing some illusion he decides to get out so he turns off the light and slowly walks back to the window and slowly inserts his first leg and then the whole body out of the window and landed.

He was inside the house. His heart beat started to rise. He slowly walks back to the light switches and turns on he was inside the house. He started to sweat. This time with lights on he slowly walks to the window and tried to jump out. He puts his one leg out and then his whole body and landed.

He was back to dark, wait that was dark but not outside, he is still inside the house. Feeling crazy with happenings he holds his head tight and screams silently in dark without making noise. His hands and legs started to shake. This time he again stand and went to the switch board to turn on the lights.

As he turns on the light, nothing turns on. He turns on again and again nothing is happening. And then a hand from the switch board holds his hand. This time he screams in real. He tries to get off himself from that hand. It was tight it was pulling him inside. He starts to yell for someone to save him. But all his screaming gone in vain.

And the hand released him, on that force he fell on the floor and found himself locked on to it. His hands and fingers were spread out. He felt paralysed. All of a sudden a small light at the corner of the room turns on. He calls to find if someone is there.

An old lady opens her eyes, her eyes were bright in that dark room with the shadow of light she looked thin tall with a long skirt she started to walk towards him with something in her hand. She started to walk around him. She didn’t speak a word. His heart beat keep on increasing and he started to talk asked her who she is.

The old lady stopped walking and stood above his back suddenly her face came close to face which he obviously begins to scream now already frightened, he is now even more shaking pleads to the shadow he sees to leave him home.

The old lady slowly whispered what are you going to take from an old ladys house, you are trying to steal right? Your mom never told you that was wrong? As she was talking she was moving left and right without any movement from her body it looked like she is an inch above from the floor flying here and there.

He answered I’m sorry I’ll never do it please leave me alone.

The old lady questioned didn’t you said the same when you got caught to police last month and served a 15 days?

His breathing gone heavily now how did you know?

The old lady laughed and started moving around him again and again, that when he felt a sharp pain in his middle finger when he saw a 2 inch nail that was nailed his middle finger to the floor and he started to scream.

The old lady found with a hammer on her hand sits next to his hand and started to hammer the nail further he started to scream in pain. In moments he was inside a coffin with his fingers nailed inside the coffin, he cried Please leave me.

Soon the coffin was closed.

All he heard was, You chose a Wrong House to play.

Soon the coffin was sealed with nails, and the old lady found hammering one large nail straight above his head, she raised her hammer above her head.

The End.


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