The Pearl Ring – End

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Full Credits to my favourite blogger Author Jessica.E.Larsen for the way Final part looks now. Thanks for your time🤗

Amy waited in the park till it gets dark. She plans to meet the Gin and was not concerned about consequences. She was happy with her leg, but not without Ronnie.

Amy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. Nobody noticed that Amy herself disappeared in that dark park.

Amy woken up in her dream. She heard a noise of water drops. Lotharian was flying far in a red cloud smoking a pipe and blowing red hearts with his smoke.

Amy called “Hi.” The cloud moved faster and came close to Amy.

Lotharian stood up as smooth as the smoke. “Hey Amy! Welcome back.” He looked at her sad face. He raised her chin “What happened to my Amy? Why do you look sad?”

Amy responded, “I came to tell you that my boyfriend did not recognize me, you were saying something about demanding exchange for wishes but you didn’t ask me. Why? ”

Lotharian responded, “You’re right Amy! I do fulfill the wishes and demands an exchange. But I have a wish that’s why I did not ask anything from you”

Amy frowned. “Why is it? Why Ronnie did forget me? You have taken the prize what was that?”

Lotharian smoked and turned around, “Amy my dear you misunderstood this whole concept. Your kiss was the prize I took, and you knew it was hot and something is happening to me.“

Amy snapped. “Then why didn’t Ronnie recognize me, who did that to me?”

Lotharian stopped and replied, “You should think back a little dear Amy; this isn’t a wish that can change only you. It changes everything from the timeline to the memories around you. If you had the leg, he would’ve never met you.”

Amy looked up at the sky, sad tears welled up in her eyes again. She blinked it away and said, “You are lying!”

“Why a Gin like me should lie? I have no benefit dear Amy. If you had the leg, the love and kindness towards you from Ronnie didn’t exist at all, I blame the timeline dear. Why do you blame me? Don’t you know I always wanted you to be happy? Shed no more tears my dear Amy. You were born for a reason and it is time….” he came closer to her face and started stroking her face.

Amy looked his eyes, she lost herself again. Both looked at each other for an hour and exposed a bond of lifetime between them.

Amy moved forward to kiss him. They both kissed and hugged each other. In a snap of a finger Lotharian took her in his bed. Amy lost her virginity to a Gin that night.

Lotharian disappeared in smoke, the whole place covered in red smoke. Amy closed her eyes and fell down deeper in the red smoke.

Amy woke up next day morning in the park with no memories of Ronnie.

Amy’s head was rested in Lotharian’s shoulder. He stroke her hair, he was no longer a Gin. Amy woke up and looked at him, “You are back my king,” she hugged him with teary eyes

Lotharian looked at the sky and smiled, “Thank you, I’ve waited for you for all these centuries.”

Lotharian closed his eyes and recalled what happened centuries ago.

Amy and Lotharian were lovers in an era of witches and kings. Amy lost her boyfriend centuries ago to an evil witch. She cursed him to be a Gin because she felt cheated, she was Lotharian’s first love.

Evil witch had a soft corner so she cursed him to be stuck in this ring as a Gin and will take away lot of young girls and get cursed all over again as gin. He will only be human again and will hold her hand when Amy was born again as a human and lose herself to him while in being in his gin form . Amy killed herself at that instance hoping to reborn soon and hold his hand.

All these years Lotharian’s ring had gone to so many young girls, He got cursed back to a gin every time a girl lose herself to him. And the ring goes to another young girl.

But after so many centuries, Amy was born in this year as a one-legged girl. Lotharian didn’t recognized her in the beginning, but as the fate decided they are now together.

Amy & Lotharian – A new timeline begins..

Thanks for reading !

16 thoughts on “The Pearl Ring – End

  1. Thanks for the crediting me Simon, but this story is great because of you. It’s also my favorite out of all your short series 🙂

    Still can’t get enough Lotharian 🥰

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