Life Lesson – Vers 8 – Learning

Dear Readers,

Thanks to author Jessica.E.Larsen for reminding about my Life Lesson posts today she made a post L for Loser. Read out the wise musing.

I was deeply immersed in my work and story making. This one i left in draft for long. Today it is time to complete and publish.

Monday is waiting.. with a beautiful sunshine and another new day, be grateful, always be positive. Another beautiful week to continue our journey…. Life, Let’s Live 😊

Is your learning complete? If you think you have completed a masters or degree, you may think that you are an expert at something. Remember you are an expert doing that one thing easily, that one thing always has an update.

Your Papers of Education

This is not a new quote to say, but i’ll remind you all once again. “Education is limitless”. we all knew this. Education is indeed limitless. But why do we name it Degree, masters, Phd? We are making a standard level of addressing how much we trained our mind. You were only training your mind to a certain level of learning. You never complete it. Albert Einstein have said this in a beautiful quote and read that here below.

This is a process of training your mind. So what about all the names as doctorate, Masters, Phd, degrees and all those grand names. You bought these papers. An educational certificate is a paper we bought spending time and money by training our mind. So what did you learn? something, a part of something. But it is never complete.

Journey Never Ends

You can name our education standard, You can name how we trained our mind. But you must always remember you never become master of anything. you only become master of one thing and doing that one thing faster or smarter than others. But, there is always an update.

Simple current life example. You would’ve bought an apple 7 iphone last year, this year now apple 11. Next year it goes on. There is always a next version. There is no end…

Likewise, learning is an eternal journey. Dont hesitate to learn from mistakes dont hesitate to accept the mistakes for a better learning.

Learning is an art, learning is an ability, learning is a skill Brain Herbert said it better than me ofcourse. Refer the below quote.

Thanks for reading.

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14 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Vers 8 – Learning

  1. Well said👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    We learn everyday from everyone.
    This is a wonderful post.
    Have good time😀.

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Yes, Learning is endless, continuous. It never stops. Last month, I faced a Sql Performance troubleshooting issue where I came across certain terms for the first time in so many years. And no matter how much experienced we are, there are always things unexplored.
    Yesterday, while writing a story for a contest, I tried some ways which I had never done before. I went out of my known and planned ways.
    This change can bring me success, failure or may be nothing. Yet it is always good to keep on exploring..learning.
    A great Monday Post!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. So true Simon, we learn all the time, we never hit a certain spot where learning stops. Getting a PHD doesn’t mean that’s the end of learning, as you said, there is always an update. We continue learning all through life, if we don’t then I believe we start to forget what we have learned. Learning is continuous and important. Great post Simon!😃😺🌞

    Liked by 2 people

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