The Pearl Ring – Part 3

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Full Credits to Author Jessica.E.Larsen for making Part 3 look better.

Amy was happy and confused at same time. She was afraid that no one is going to believe her if she says she got her leg back from a gin.

She was fast that day quickly dressed up for college. She was able to come down through the window without making much noise as she had both legs, because she wanted to skip meeting her mom and her sister. She made her way out to the road through the backyard of her house.

It was strange for Amy when she was walking faster with both legs. She felt so bold and confident than any other days.

Same time she was thinking about the dream she had and that beautiful face. When she was walking on the streets all she could able to see was that red eyed face when people crossed her she felt that everyone eyes were at her.

Amy was shocked when saw the beggar from the corner of the building missing. She looked around to ask anyone but no one found that day, she was missing that rich smile when she used to cross him every day. Amy happily entered her class on time. Ronnie was sitting beside. Amy was expecting Ronnie to sit beside her, which he usually does. But on that day he didn’t turn her side. Amy couldn’t focus on class. She was waiting to talk with Ronnie as soon the break is over.

She went to Ronnie’s table “Hi Ronnie!”

Ronnie looked at her weirdly “Hi! Who are you?”

Amy looked at him eyes “hey! Stop your joke, I have to tell you something, come let’s go out”

Ronnie smiled at her “I’m sorry, I don’t know who you are? You tried to say something, Can you just tell that here. I got some notes to make”

Amy looked around “Stop joking Ronnie” she grabbed his hands.

Ronnie snapped her hand and yelled “go away”. Amy looked around and took her bag and came out. No one in her college was looking at her strange except Ronnie. Amy was sitting at library thinking deep.

All she could remember was that voice “I’ll do anything for you” she closed her eyes and focused the dream. Amy went to her dream again, she heard the noise of a water drop. Lathorian was waiting for her, he asked “Hey! You came back, didn’t expect you this soon. Are you happy about your leg?

Confused Amy said “Thanks! I am happy with my leg, but I have a problem. My boyfriend didn’t recognize me, he didn’t even talked to me properly. She hung her head down sad tears welled up in her eyes”

Lotharian moved like a cloud and now he was close to Amy. He touched her tears “Oh no Amy! I always wanted you to be happy. But you know?” Lathorian gently stroked her cheeks and continued “I always do things only with demanding exchange. But you are beautiful Amy so I made your wish true without asking you my demand and I had the price I wanted” Lathorian smiled

Amy looked at him with confusion “What was that?” Lotharian smiled “ha ha! Let’s talk about it later Amy, you have come to see me to complain? Don’t you need this charming man? Don’t you like the way I treat you? Why do you need another man when this powerful man is beside you?” He asked in a gentle soft voice.

Amy in trance couldn’t able to respond, she lost herself to Gin. As he was gently stroking her cheeks without realizing she kissed the Gin and they both exchanged a peaceful kiss.

Amy woke up to the noise of a staff “Hey! Why are you sitting here? Don’t you have classes?”

Amy’s heart was racing for few minutes. She was fully covered in her own sweat. Amy took her bag and started walking outside the college. She was walking faster now. She felt strange about the dream, about the kiss. She can still feel the heat of his kiss on her lips.

Amy reached a park nearby and sat down for a while. She wants to see gin again. But she was on a park. She wants a peaceful place so that no one could disturb her. She plan to have a word with gin about the demanding price and what he took. She needs her boyfriend back and she was ready to do anything for that.

Poor Amy did not realized what she had done in her dream; she had a slight feeling that she found a wrong company.

to be continued..

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  1. Great! I’m excited for the next. Aw, and I thought Gin was a good guy 😦 Tsk. And I feel bad for even cheering him on.

    By the way Simon, can I send you an email in you s….88simon gmail address? I have some comment regarding what you asked me.

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