Burger – 8

Aswin hesitated, Samaira convinced Aswin to close his eyes and trust her, he held her arms, they both jumped together from the window. Entire crowd from the restaurant turned their heads for the crazy act, a total shock, Samaira enjoyed this crazy moment while Aswin was confused and shaking at his decision on why he agreed to come with this crazy girl, she knew what was going to happen next, she is not new to such circumstances, she helped Aswin, they both quickly jumped out of the wall and ended up in a road to hotel backside.

They both walked alone laughing together like normal pedestrians, it was almost middle of the night. Aswin loved this little adventure, somewhere in his heart something reminded him she was his employee and he is going little fast, and that always avoided him to take next step. Samaira expected, she somehow fell in love from day 1 and all she wanted to spend more time with him. Even though she clearly knew him he tried to avoid her, she didn’t give up.

Everytime she made her move, Aswin hesitated, but everytime Samaira called him he agreed and went out with her. Aswin saw Samaira more like a friend, but sometime mor ok than a friend, he complicated things. On a weekend when Aswin and Samaira were on a Island, they both lost the last boat to return They both had ended up alone on the island. During the cold night, Aswin made his move, Samaira was very serious as he made his first move poor Samaira accepted the situation. Next morning when the boat came, Aswin face was serious.

Samaira couldn’t understand the sudden change of behaviour. Aswin opened up to Samaira and told her he respected her more as a friend, but not beyond that and apologized for the accident happened last night. The words from Aswin shattered poor Samaira’s heart. Samaira got emotional and absconded from the situation. Samaira didn’t turned back to work. Aswin longed for her presence, he tried to call her but she was never reachable.

Aswin reached her place, she was gone, gone like forever, Aswin searched for her everywhere, but to his bad luck, she was found nowhere. Aswin struggled to contact her, that’s when he got help from a tracing team. Aswin was busy at his laptop when his phone notification showed a number, it must be her relatives contact. He instantly dialled the number and confirmed it was her parents number, he had received the contact details of Samaira’s parents, he got

Burger stopped Stone and said ‘I’ll take over from here, so, Aswin, lost Samaira forever, means she is dead. and here he is mentally sick, the lose of Samaira is still not accepted by his mind and he started talking to himself, and you, killed him today. That’s great, so here is our deal, we save him, give his Samaira back and send back everyone. deal?’

Stone agreed ‘Deal, now we have to propose the deal to Aswin’

As planned Aswin was woke up by Burger and Stone. Aswin couldn’t believe he was dead, he made many tests to confirm he was dead. Aswin was asked for a wish by Burger stating he was wrongly passed bill for a dead. Also Burger made it clear that he got one wish.

Aswin held Burgers hand and whispered on Burger’s ear. Burger face turned quizzically and looked at Aswin, Burger granted the wish.

Aswin, Blake, Keira disappeared and appeared again.

Stone stared at Burger. Burger asked again ‘You killed him? the guy who eats a food with my name on it every single day, and you saying you killed him by mistake?’

Stone eyes got wide and wondered what happened in between. It was only stone that had remembered the entire sequence that happened few minutes ago. Stone was wondering what Aswin had said in his ear, before that they all disappeared and appeared again, dead, and Burger here is asking the same question again.

Stone asked ‘Boss what did Aswin say?’

Burger looked at him perplexed, ‘This happened before?’

Stone in shock informed Burger that everything happened before, he explained the whole story once again. Burger jumped in confusion how did he forgot the one wish he had granted.

Burger touched Aswin and woke him up. Aswin walked in smile and hugged him and thanked him for the way Burger helped. Still not sure why Aswin said that, Burger asked why he couldn’t remember anything.

The story began… again…


7 thoughts on “Burger – 8

  1. It happened once when Aswin died, now he got a wish from Burger. Now, why the wish he granted is forgotten by himself πŸ˜³πŸ€” so what wish did he really asked? Did Aswin made his life better this time ? πŸ€” we need to wait and see, but then, in future, he died again? πŸ˜³πŸ€” how he meets Burger againπŸ€”πŸ˜³πŸ€” let’s find out …πŸ˜‰

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