A Lesson with Potatoes

Once upon a time guy was seriously depressed, he wanted to scream or die from this earth, he opened up his phone, he searched suicide, depression, mental health awareness, motivation he disliked all videos, posts, everything seem fake for him, he wanted to disappear from everything, he felt too heavy. He searched and searched and accidentally saw a podcast, he chose that audio, and played randomly, the audio started to play, he closed his eyes…

It named as Kintergarden. He listened…

Once upon a time, there was a teacher in a busy city. She was loved by all the kids, like the one favorite teacher we all had when we were kids? like that. All kids obeyed this teacher, that much of love and respect the kids had on her.

One day the teacher gave kids a task. The task was very simple, each student must bring potatoes, and the rule is, one can bring as many potatoes as they wish, but each potatoes must be written the names of person they hates and feelings that bothered them.

Kids obeyed the teacher, next day each came with a bag of potatoes, some had 2 some had 5 some even had a small bag full of it. Teacher gave a small bag to all of them and told them they all must carry the same potatoes wherever they goes. Kids obeyed. As the days passed, kids complained they couldn’t carry them as the smell is rotting. Teacher said all kids to lose their bags immediately, and they all together digged a deep hole in her backyard and buried the rotten potatoes.

A kid jumped in joy, and said he is going to have ice cream after he reaches home. Teacher smiled and said ‘When you hate someone or when you hurt or when you have grudge or sad, If you carry these negative feelings with you, as the days goes by you will smell like this rotten potatoes. Let it go and bury them. Don’t hold on to it’

Teacher had opened up his mind, he carried so much of emotions suppressed inside him, that lead him to be totally unproductive on his daily work which caused him depression. He decided to bury his rotten potatoes that he carried, he went home, written in a sheet of paper of what he felt, he kept writing for minutes while he wrote he buried his rotten potatoes on those papers, when he completed writing, his head was clear, he was no more a confused foggy minded depressed person. He closed the diary and felt he dropped down a heavy baggage, he sighed, smiled.

We all go through lot of negative emotions such as regrets, rejections, failure, grudge, anger, anxiety, life is full of mixed emotions right? when we carry those negative emotions with us, we smell bad, bad like rotten potatoes, bury your potatoes, today?

You can write, call up your loved ones and talk, talk to your best friend, record yourself an audio and pass it on to who can help you, stay awake, live the Now, Recover! my dear friend ..

Thanks for reading…


6 thoughts on “A Lesson with Potatoes

  1. That was so motivating. Somehow I do too carry baggages of some of the past things and not able to come out of them. May be this approach would help me lighten my burden.

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  2. Hey Piyush, Thanks for always being my support πŸ˜πŸ€— It’s easy to say or write something like this, but honestly it is challenging, but once you did it, you will feel very proud of you, out of the world ❀️. Try it πŸ€— with al your heart.

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