3linetales – Rope

He opens the door and shocked at his daughter all tied up in a long rope, he cried and went close to her who did this to you?

He tried to release her, she didn’t looked happy, she was angry like she is possessed with something, he asked what’s wrong?

she said sorry and explained it to him that she have a fetish, he didn’t understand what fetish meant, she explained she is addicted to rope bondage, he fell their broken, he told her its just a piece of rope, and she told him that’s her only happiness.

Word Count: 98
Linking this photo prompt post to Three Lines Tale Week 227 by Sonya
Photo by Claudio Schwarz via Unsplash


  1. This is something I got to know after reading a book of Paulo Coelho. Ive made a research on that and got to know some strange fetishes 😳 you won’t believe, people like that exists πŸ™„. I was shocked too.


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