As I entered the lift, I pressed the fourth floor button. There was no one around. I was the only person in the lift. I hate this part when travelling alone in the lift, my anxiety part always shoots up during this time, that too at mid night shift for 12 am in the morning, which is the cruel part.

Lift started to move up and it stopped in between two floors 2 and 3, I startled. My eyes almost came out of my face until the door closes. Scary part is both floors were dark, no lights and it was like I am stuck in space. I pushed the close door button again and again.

Slowly the door closes and a chill air pushes inside the lift. My heart beat rose again.

It stopped on my floor as I entered my office, everyone was working. The usual cheer from my friends and the comments I didn’t hear. Why is no one responding?

As I further walked in the floor and sits on my cabin I couldn’t focus to take any of my files I started to feel dizzy. I stood up walked to my cafeteria no one was there, that was strange usually it was filled with people. As I entered cafeteria I felt something strange again so I walked out.

I hear people sob, I saw people sob and walk here and there I was like why everyone sobs all of a sudden, what happened? I asked when Sophia crossed me; in fact she was the one crying aloud when everyone was lightly sobbing.

No one answered me, I yelled at tom, he was staring at his mobile and kept his phone on table and walked away. I walked to his table, the Whatsapp message

Dear Colleagues, Our beloved friend and colleague Mr. Joseph has passed away today in the cab due to cardiac arrest while coming to office. Let’s all pray for this young soul to rest in peace. RIP.

I fell down reading the message, what? So that means I died. I can’t feel anything, the world felt like spinning.

I sat on Tom’s chair and started to cry as I don’t know what will happen further.
The entire floor turns dark. I stood up in shock my heart beating fast and I start to sweat. Is this how a dead man will feel? I asked myself.

There was a candle light few meters away, I walked close to the candle, I heard a blast and the light turns on, everyone was cheering around me. I was dumbfounded, you all can see me? I have not died? My Boss walked in front and slapped me you are the next Manager of this branch silly, and we planned a surprise for you and this is it.

Congratulation, and wait for the pay surprise on this month end pay slip my manager said.

All of this a prank? for my promotion? it was a mixed feeling I didn’t know whether to jump and say loudly that I didn’t die or celebrate because I got promotion.

I said, Guys my first job is after my promotion is, I’m going to fire the guy who came up with such idea. Everyone laughed.

The End….

Well I got promoted too 😉

22 thoughts on “Promotion

  1. She did 🙄🤔🤫 Yeah she wouldve said that. Hmm☺️ quiet the opposite, as i agreed to her to tell you such way, When she agreed to tell me as i agreed to her. 😁

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  2. Aw! Congrats Simon. You have such a cool coworkers. They sure know how to throw a surprise 😂
    While reading I was going back and forth whether this was a fiction or not. Turn out it’s your experience haha 😀

    Liked by 3 people

  3. 😜No it’s not, that’s completely my imagination 😁 ☺️ But i got a promotion.. 🤗 that’s true. Thanks for your time reading Jessica. My english is confusing I know 😜😂. Hope you don’t mind all the confusion, as I am a confusion 😂😂

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  4. 😳 Seriously 🙄😋 So🙄 that’s an appreciation 🤔 don’t tell me it’s not ☺️ i take it as a motivation 😍🥰 😜 😂😁😋 Glad you believed it 😁😁 Happy Reading ✨😜🤗 But i definitely got promoted 😉

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