Once upon a dream

Credits to Author Jessica.E.Larsen for the support.


It was a cold day.

I was riding pillion at the back of my friend bike. It is a race bike. He is a racer. Should i need to tell everything in detail? like his tires are black and metallic shiny bike body with it’s red paint on this cold day it shines like it does in summer. The costly leather seats and the comfort sitting behind him on this cold day. It was a beautiful feeling.

As i lay forward on his back and hug him from the back, as i tighten my grip on his stomach and resting my head on his left shoulder beside helmet, he turns his head and smiled and increased the speed.

It was a cold day, i will say it again. To remind you it’s freezing cold. I can’t feel my fingers even after wearing these many multi layered clothes. When i am going to adjust myself in this new weather. I am from a warm place. This place is cold all 10 months in a year. Why my parents sent me here? why am i sitting behind this guy? i will tell you on my way.

As i hug him tight, i saw a street dog chasing me. It was running fast behind the wheels. I tell my racer boy to not to slow down the bike, he asked me why? i told him the street dogs chasing us, can’t you hear the bark? He increased the speed and drive like a mad cow.

Did i said mad cow? yes! that is the letters sticker on his doom lights. Mad Cow. with cow horns in it. why do i see a snake that is holding tight on his hand bars? i ask him. He says, if i drive wrong that will bite me. I kept looking at the bike handle bar as the snake moving slowly and it’s eyes completely looking at me.

As i move my eyes from the handle bar, i saw this. An eagle above my head, i close my eyes. There was a noise, someone is calling me, i open my eyes, everyone is cheering me to jump from the bike. The lights, the sparkling lights, and the banners, everyone was cheering. Can i jump from the bike? i asked myself, everyone is motivating me. But what about my racer boy. Can i leave him? will he catch me when i fall?

I Should try it, right? I released my arms and as i flow back he started shaking his bike. He is trying to get off me? i don’t know at that time, As soon i hit the road, he had also collapsed and fell a little far from me. Every one is cheering, i looked at the crowd surrounds me as my head start to pain, i looked at my hand, it’s full of red. I smiled and fainted.

It was only seconds and i woke up all of a sudden, Looked around everyone, The pity feeling, where am i? Why does my head hurt? I looked far, my husband with lot of scratches came with an ambulance, i called him Robin, Where am i? His eyes started to well up. That look, He started to cry, i asked him where am i? what happened?

He looked at me with red eyes and full of tears, After we got married, you fell down in your office and due to head trauma, you gone crazy and forgot everything for 1 year. Now you are back, i missed you baby as he kissed my forehead, the love in his eyes is more than i saw last time.

I was crazy? what else did i do? he kept talking as the doctors took him away and i went inside a white room and closed my eyes as the sedative started to run through my veins and shuts down my brain.

Thanks for reading.




11 thoughts on “Once upon a dream

  1. Woah! You perfectly captured an insane mind, at first I thought “the character got to be dreaming” but yeah, insanity fits the bill too πŸ˜€

    By the way, it would have been nice if you establish the gender of the character early in the story. I can only guess that its a girl because “husband” was mention but since no country was written, “husband” can also mean another man. I don’t care either way, but it will enhance my imagination if it’s a girl or boy…

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  2. Hi Jessica, Thanks for the motivation βœ¨πŸ€—β˜ΊοΈ intentionally did that to make the readers guess the character by the way i explain πŸ˜‰ hope it worked 😁 . Should fine a better title isn’t it πŸ€” what you think πŸ˜‰. Have a beautiful dayπŸ’βœ¨

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It’s always running in my head Steve, i got an another one last night. Once i complete I’ll write 😜 hope this is not that boring 😁


  4. Woah! That’s a great title. I’m going to repost this story with your title😍✨ Thanks for the little help out hereβœ¨πŸ€— Have a beautiful day βœ¨πŸ’

    Liked by 1 person

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