Jeremiah – Part 16 – Conclusion

Wesley walked toward Katy, he hid his knife behind his shorts and walked towards her. Katy closed her eyes as he lifted her like a feather and with a smile he started to walk slowly back to her room.

For Katy, each moment is like a horror dream. Her mind kept searching for a way to escape, she  prayed, that Jeremiah should come here from nowhere and save her.

As soon as he entered the bedroom, her heartbeat started to rise. Wesley turns on the AC and the temperature starts to reduce. Katy was sternly staring at Wesley all the time. She asked

“What you want?”

Wesley looked at her, I can give you one word answer that is “YOU”. Don’t talk further or don’t ask anymore question. I am here for “YOU” he pointed her with a knife. Katy got scared looking at the shiny knife.

“But I am a wife of another person” she gulped

Wesley walked towards her, “I’ll give you a free advice, the man that remembers, with who he slept each night is a fool, I’m not a fool and you are going to be one of the girl I have tasted soon”

Katy said “Shit! Don’t you think that’s disgusting, How can you keep on sleeping with girls? How long you think you can do that? you are not going to be young forever remember that”

Wesley took the knife to her neck “One more question I’ll slit your throat as soon I’m done with you”

Wesley was standing close to her face, Katy is full of sweat and she was panic, she shook when the phone started to ring, from an unknown number.

Wesley shook his head to answer the phone. Katy answered the phone “Hello!” the moment she heard the voice tears started to flow she started to open her mouth, Wesley started to pierce her neck with the knife tip, as the first drop of blood started to ooze out from her neck in the knife tip.

Wesley collected the phone from her, he said “Hello I’m Jeremiah”

Jeremiah spoke from the other end “Who Jeremiah? You or me?”

Wesley started to laugh “So it is you, where have you been partner, ran away from your wife? Gone for a vacation alone? With a different girl or planning to find a better one? “

Jeremiah smiled “Listen carefully, if you don’t step away from Katy, forget your Casino, I am going to burn it to ashes.”

Wesley slowly came back from Katy “Al right, you are in my cave, I appreciate that you are strong like me, I’m sure you will give a good fight for me, what if I don’t believe what you are going to do?”

Jeremiah smiled hard “Eventually you will be dead by tonight and Your fate is sealed already”

Wesley face changed “I’ve been making my own fate all these years, I know what is my fate is” he throws away the phone and it broke too.

Jeremiah on the other side broke the phone too turns to find Mike missing, They were surrounded with lot of groups carrying sharp knife objects

Wesley on the other side, as soon he broke the phone he looked at Katy “Your boyfriend is threatening me from my own kingdom, you got some serious boyfriend lady, and I’m going to leave this strong man a gift, an used gift” as he slowly came to her and kept the knife aside and starts to kiss her. Katy’s hand tried to fetch the knife that was little far from her hand.

A loud metal thud noise when Wesley unlocks his lips and tries to kiss her neck, Katy saw Joey standing there with blood from his nose and mouth and got badly hurt standing with a piece of rod.

Wesley gone unconscious with the hard hit at the back of his head, the rod pierced his  back skull, blood starts to come out from his head that quickly started to fill the bed.

Joey couldn’t walk faster as his leg was badly hurt, Katy asked “What happened to you?”

Joey replied “I know who he is and when I tried to interrogate him it became a fight. He is an animal, i couldn’t handle his fight and lost my consciousness”

As Katy was helping him to walk slowly close to the exit door, a knife swings faster to Joey’s right leg which wasn’t hurt now pierced by a knife.

Katy screamed looking at Joey crying in pain. She quickly took out the knife from his leg and started to cry.

Wesley with blood coming out from his head “Missing the party? Where you think you are going?” he walked slowly and went to kitchen to take a new knife.

Mean while Katy shoves the knife that pierced Joey in the back of her blouse and covers it with her hair.

Wesley took a knife and waved her to come close to him.

Frightened looking at Joey “I’m sorry Joey, it’s all because of me and i’m going to fix it”

Joey holding his leg “Don’t say that, this is nobody’s fault, don’t go, I’ll handle him”

Katy didn’t listen to his words and slowly walks close to Wesley.

Wesley looked her up to down and holds his head and groaned “Shit! that was a bad hit” Wesley asks her to help him walk back to her room.

Katy wiped her tears and arranged her hair and looked at him with an angry face

Wesley “Angry? It’s okay to be angry, take me baby i’ll help you to lose all the pressure”

Katy took one of his to hand to her shoulder and started to walk to the room

In a few steps she tripped his leg and removed his hand from her neck, which made Wesley out of balance and he tried to throw a knife at her.

Katy quickly took a knife from her back and as soon she shoves inside Wesley’s chest there was another knife that pierced her shoulders waved by Wesley.

Katy screams in pain and took the knife out of her hand and looked at Wesley.

Wesley was half conscious as the blood from his head and chest started coming out fast, Katy shoves another knife in his heart.

Katy looked at Joey, Joey clapped his hand “Good Job Katy! never thought you would do that”

Katy smiled with tears “How can i not know this guy is not Jeremiah” she sighs.

Jeremiah on the other end surrounded by a bunch of people took a rod from the floor and asks Nick “Go outside and get me a plane ready, I will meet you there in 30 mins”

Nick looked at him shock “But, how are you going to handle these many people”

Jeremiah smiled at him “You doubt me?”

Nick looked at him a small smile on his face “No I don’t, I doubt about them trying to touch you”

Nick quickly exits from the back door and the group of gangsta’s started to fight with Jeremiah.

None of the knife pierced Jeremiah as he was handling the crowd at ease and each of the members received a gift as loosened or lost teeth and broken bones from Jeremiah.

Nick got the plane ready and looked at his watch, a Jaguar car was piercing the air coming at a full speed to the airport.

Jeremiah was coming out of the car with his usual charming face but also a tension on his face about Katy.

He quickly jumps in the private helicopter. Nick welcomes him in. Welcome to Wesley’s private jet Mr. Wesley.

Jeremiah nods at him and the jet flew to his house.

As soon he reaches his house, the house was full of blood he quickly dials Joey from Nicks mobile.

Joey answered “Come to Lister hospitals, now”

Jeremiah looked at Nick “I need a help from you, there should be a dead body around here by now, I need your help to cover it up”

Nick smiled “Anything for you Jeremiah”

Jeremiah smiled “Remember this is your last mission”

Nick smiled and nodded his head and he quickly dials a number and called some experts to cover the damage and crime scene.

Jeremiah on the other hand, jumps on a Ferrari and car went at a full speed to the hospital

Jeremiah came out of the car, Joey looked at him with tears. Jeremiah had a goose bump looking at his best friend in tears. He tapped his eyes and looked down and tried to control his tears

He took a deep breath and walked inside hospital. Joey took him to the room where katy was lying unconscious. Jeremiah stood there frozen, he turns his head to Joey, Joey opens the door and asked him to get inside.

Jeremiah slowly walks inside and touched her arms and sat there emotionless. Looked at Katy, the curly hair and the soft skin with needles on her hand and bandages on her neck and shoulder with a belt.

Jeremiah shakes his head, this is not suppose to happen “what doctor said?” asks Jeremiah

Joey continued “The knife penetrated deep inside her shoulder which actually pierced her heart, the blood that comes out of it is not stopping, doctor is trying their level best to save her.

He looked at Joey’s leg “what happened”

Joey smiled “same, you pierced my leg also”

Jeremiah looked at him quizzically “What?”

Joey smiled “I mean your doppleganger”

Jeremiah took a deep breath “that’s a long story“ and he sit next to Katy and holds her hand and closed his eyes. He didn’t saw any vision of Katy’s death.

Jeremiah opened his eyes and says “She is not going to die”

Joey looked at him “How do you say? Doctor said her heart was pierced by knife”

There was a giggle sound. Jeremiah turns and looked at katy, and looked at Joey again. Both took a pillow and started to hit him at the same time, Jeremiah looked at them in shock “for real? Are you guys playing at this? we almost lost each of our life and you guys playing, ridiculous” Jeremiah rolls his eyes.

Katy hits him hard again and again and kept asking “where you went all these days, you know what happened?” Jeremiah hold her tight and kissed her. Joey rises his eyebrows and turns around and saw Agnes running towards him and hugged him, they both kissed each other.

Jeremiah got a call from Nick “Hey!”

Nick “Hey! Things have been cleared and there is no trace of such incident, and I will be there in the address you have given to me, call me anytime. And important thing, where did they hid the body, I can’t find anyone here”

Jeremiah said  “Thanks Nick, for everything. You were there for a reason in this tough time, and you will always be there as my friend. Will meet you at your new place very soon” he hangs up.

Jeremiah looked at Joey and Katy “So guys, I know what happened, Just tell me one thing, where did you hide the body?”

Katy and Joey looked at each other and said in unison “It was not there?”

Jeremiah looked at them in shock.

After a month, a news headline Far from Jeremiah’s house near an abandoned mountain “unknown dead body found in a mountain that was restricted for humans, The body was already ate by wild animals. Police officers started their investigation with the remains and to find who is the body is, and how it happened”

The end.

Thanks for reading. If you are among one of the reader that completed reading all of my stories and interested to work on a series of short story or long story, i’m here. Do comment.

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  1. Hi Ribana, Thanks for your support and Motivation since the beginning of the Story. I would’ve never able to complete this story without your motivation and support ✨😍 Always grateful that I found such blogger friends ✨🥰 Finally the story is over. ✨☺️

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  2. Hi Jessica,😍 You were there since the beginning🤗. My grammar never worked out so well,😺🙄 but there’s never been glitch in your support. Always grateful for that kind part of you 🥰 You never failed to bring that motivation feel to me😍😍😍 Have a beautiful Sunday ☺️

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