They were, you will be

Dear Readers,

Hope you all are doing great. This is a concept of “Once they were us, We will be them”

What is my content?

Elders this is about elderly people. Also known as the living legends in my dictionary. People often don’t take care of them, don’t respect them. So be it. But before you Mock an elderly people just remember it will be you hearing same words from youngsters tomorrow. Karma always exists and it’s BAD 🙄

Stop the expectation

As people get old, they were once a hard working people, now will tend to get lazy due to their chronic illness, ageing factor and forgetting to do things and some even worse they will be very rude all the time.

That is a time they feel so lonely as there is no work and away from their kids and grand kids they may feel frustrated too. They will be emotional, some love solitude but not everyone i think.

If you are young and don’t you dare expect same kind of activeness or responsiblity from the living legends. They have to live their each moment, do something about it and forget all your expectations.

Take Care

I’m not talking about respect. Because respect are earned by them. People must show respect atleast for their age, even if they are rude. Try to always keep them do something because excercise and walking will keep them active. If they can make them do it.

In a way they always knew something that you didn’t. Because you never existed on their time. Always have an extra care if you have some living legends around you.

Talk with them. They are no smartphone addict. They are people addict. Their only time pass is people and nature. Talk and try to know the life of unknown.

Always remember to TAKE CARE.

In the end, we should be a role model to kids on how to take care of living legends. Because that position is going to be vacant and you fill that place.

“Once they were us, We will be them”

Thanks for the read 😉

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7 thoughts on “They were, you will be

  1. Hey hey hey!!!🤗🙂yes exactly, they have been thru a lot already, we have to be nice and polite, we will old gel old kf we are lucky, older people already have a lot of problems with their health and we should understand, why they maybe grampy sometimes, carma is powerful for sure🤗🙂
    Today i m early bird3am, but feels good😂i dont know you awake yet, but see you soon arround i guess🤗🙂

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  2. Great post Simon and good advice!
    It happens to see old people every day and often I look at them as they do funny and unexplained things but yes, you are right, they lived in a time we didn’t so we should be considerate because one day we will be them 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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