What are these clothes are for, really?

When adam ate apple after evolution😜

It is a material to cover our self, since the day Adam & Eve ate an apple.

But what it had become? Not the apple i am talking about. Its about clothing, You won’t be shocked, trust me!

We started defining clothing structure in many ways. So what are they?

Let me start with colours.

White clothes are for GOD, What if GOD loves pink? Or green or black may be?🤔

Black is for Evil🤨, What if an Evil spirit loves to poke you wearing pretty colours?🙄

But a Ghost wears white and it is evil, seriously🤔? Did the ghost ever tell you i wear white dress?

Dark bright colours are for men🙂, Oh no! things are changing now🙈. Stereotypical issues!

Prettiest colours are for women👩‍🦰. no comment!

A Christian wears white, a Hindu wears orange and a Muslim wears green, Jainism wears red. who defined all this?

Let me come out of colours, what else happens in society?

Like how we defined colours to specific gender or religion. Let’s see how Clothing affects society.

It define someone’s social status, Like Racism or caste maybe🤔.

These kind of clothing defines character of a girl. It defines her status, Just like a colour defines a religion.

If a kind of dress or a brand define who you are, or if it defines your personality and your gender. What you think that Scottish kilt skirt wearing men? Any doubt with gender and personality of them?

Men are always men😄

A 10$ T shirt is sold for 100$, and it gets branded. But material remains same 1$, Branded clothes became a luxury product and out of reach for poor. Because someone is investing huge on a particular brand, it is a BUSINESS. Fashion, ramp walks, models and lots more.

Each profession and occasion is designed with a type of dressing.

A kid may wear a 10$ dress or torn or may be dirty dress doesnt mean the kid is poor right?.

If someone sporting a clothing of opposite gender is what? a transgender? or may be have a psychological issue? or may be he is following an unique fashion.

How could she wear such exposing clothes, she is a prostitute for sure. Did she tell you?🤨 Only do really whore expose that much😡?

I have fun with my clothes onstage; it’s not a concert you’re seeing, it’s a fashion show. -Freddie Mercury

The ideas, the concepts based on clothing affected society and a small change will take a large time to be in action.

So why did i bring this TOPIC.

Why do you think of treating someone based on their clothes? because we have been taught to do so.

All these traits, cultures, social, occupational, gender differentiation and social status are defined by somebody, it is their ideology that is been blindly followed by society.

I am not bringing any politics or accusing a tradition. I am also not trying to prove whatever the culture people follow, Like i said God wears white, or devil wears black.

It is all about Issues that arise because or based on Clothing. Like a person wearing opposite gender in public will be beaten to death, or A other religious person following a dressing culture of an another religion is moved out of his society, A poor man or a poorly dressed man is never allowed to enter a big mall or hotel.

Stop looking at people on the outside by what they wear and start looking inside their heart and how they are in real.

So, Don’t poke a police man to find out he is really a police man or an actor. You may get into serious trouble maybe😂.

Clothes are only to cover us, So stop treating people or a society based on dressing.

Thanks for reading.

Dont fail to pass on your thoughts in my comment box. Would love to read it 😍


16 thoughts on “Clothing

  1. Thank you Simon for another interesting topic! we actually carry many ideas and old cultures and we use it only to judge and label unfortunately
    we don’t even know how all this has started actually! Why all these colors labels, designs and styles, I mean people were originally naked as per the story!
    I loved the example you gave about God and devil and the ghost wearing white haaha so true! 😀
    I believe we need a long journey to get rid of these rules, some people are breaking them but still the majority is not…Maybe one day, no labels will be made based on piece of fabric!
    Loved your quote as well, we should really stop looking at the outside and focus on the inside, it’s a must!
    Good topic Simon and hope your week is great 🙂

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  2. Hi Huguette✨🙂 Thanks for your time, Many ideas we follow based on a piece of fabric is truly funny 😂 How to see the impact on society is sad. Yes, God example 😂 God never said he likes white isnt it 😂 But the potrayel is like that and again we follow someones potrayel. Thanks for the support Huguette ✨🤗 My day is great, I wish you an awesome Week ✨✍️😊

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  3. God your post made me laugh. Totally cheered my day. 😂 I don’t want to say so much because I actually agree with everything. Sorry for such an uninspiring comments. Enjoyed the post though. Honest.

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  4. Hey Jessica🙂 Glad God made you smile, Wish he told you his fav colour 😉, Glad you agree with all points and enjoyed🤗. This is inspiring 😃 . Hope you had a Great Day. Thanks for your Time 🙂✨✍️ Wish you an Awesome Week✨

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  5. Good one. As a story goes.. once a philosopher was called for a party. He goes to the party in his normal clothes and is denied entry. Then he comes to the party again. This time, however wearimg expensive clothes. And guess what ? He is allowed entry. Now, as the dinner is served our philosopher begins to serve food onto the costly clothes that earned him entry into the party !!!! Funny. But powerful idea in the story. Well captured in your write up too 😊

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  6. Unfortunately, people nowadays enjoys judging the others more than anything else…they always like to criticize the way we dress…but you said it perfectly right: Clothes are only to cover us, So stop treating people or a society based on dressing.
    Honestly I don’t care what the others says and I don’t judge anyone for their dressing or for anything else! Who am I to judge? If I feel comfortable in my shoes then I’m ok 🙂

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  7. Hi Ribanna! 🙂 Glad you liked the content and yes let us be dont care about these, we have lot more in person to care about. Thanks for your time sharing your views. Wish you an awesome week😃✨🤗

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  8. Rightly said! So now when my wife scolds me for not pressing my shirt well enough when starting for office, I can tell : ” Do not judge anyone by their clothes!”
    Well fun apart, I think a basic set of neat and clean clothes should be our priority, and what someone else wears is theirs.
    As for women, I do not judge them by the clothes that they wear. Yet due to pathetic law and order and low police presence in many areas in our country, and even big cities, I think some areas need to be avoided by womenfolk, and especially dark. I hope things would change, but then there always some mindless criminals and other sadists.

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  9. Hey Peeyush, Thats the right thing you said there. Society was made up like that. But we can be the change so that we make a new generation with a BIG change.. Thanks for your time✨✍️🤗

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