Life Lesson – Vers 5 Accept


This is about a strange response from two different people.

I said you look beautiful, You have a very good dressing sense and i love it. She accepts my words.

there she is giving a strange funny reaction🤪

I said you keep talking and bothering others. Would you please do your job for what you paid. He did not accept by words🙄

Whats wrong?🙄

They have problems accepting their mistakes but love to accept my appreciation. What if i lie to you? and why do you beleive and accept whatever i say? because you know YOU better than ME, Right?

You may ask what would Simon do? What i do? Accept?

If your tone is like mocking me, My response is going to come like a bullet to your ears. I suggest think once and talk to me. May be i should not be that rude.

If you did said right or wrong thing about me straight to my face, My usual response is Okay! let me think about it. I’m not going to argue with your feedback, Because tats a waste of time and i dont want to waste my time arguung right or wrong. But i will think about what you said when i’m free, If i do something wrong i will correct it. And i’ll be in touch with that person. People who say truth is hard to find especially when they say straight at your face. Even the mocking i’ll remember the words, sometime people dont know how to respond but they may say the right thing but delivers badly and get hurt.

When someone says a open comment, they may be right it doesnt mean what ever they say is right. Like i reacted may be you can take this light and think back later and be grateful if that is a useful tips.

Like i said you can take it lite or at least, be ready to listen. That is a very basic quality to adapt to our growth. You don’t have to accept then and there itself, Some situations are not that good as you imagine. You know YOUrself better than us, But think about the mistakes. Be genuine and matured enough to accept if that really is a mistake and be prepared to correct yourself.

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them. – John C Mackwell

Thanks for reading!

Wish you all a happy weekend!

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22 thoughts on “Life Lesson – Vers 5 Accept

  1. A great message.
    Some people will try to weasel out of their mistakes, and deploy to defer attention away from themselves, to downplay the seriousness of the situation, or even to deny anything went wrong at all. It can be challenging to accept that we’ve made a mistake, especially if we’re coming from a perfectionistic background where “excellence” is confused with “never making a mistake.” Making a mistake is also sometimes different from failure, failure is a result of not succeeding at a conscious effort, but mistakes can be unconscious. Many of us even ‘shy away from criticism’. But the truth is, we have to learn to be mature enough to admit our weaknesses. Because, “Mistakes are always forgivable, if one has the courage to admit them.”

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  2. Good post Simon! It’s true that people can say the right thing, but say it wrong, with wrong attitude and it causes problems. If we want to point out mistakes we should do it in a kind and respectful way. But like you said, if someone points out a mistake to us, even if they do it wrong, we should still consider what was said and be willing to correct our mistakes. That shows strength of character when we do so and it can help us to grow. Hope you weekend is great Simon!

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  3. Hi Saania🤗✨ Exactly! acceptance is a wise choice to learn the mistakes, we are humans and we do mistakes, it happens unconsiously and we keep learning from it.Loved ur quote at the end 🤗✨✍️ Thanks for ur time ☺️

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  4. There are various kinds of mistakes. But the saddest part, according to me that sometimes a mistake can rule for whole life where no logic or solution can’t be applied even to minimise its affects. (That’s only my personal view on my personal experience)🙂

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  5. Thank you so much Steve✨🤗 Yes pointing out mistakes is good, most of the population hesitates to point that first 😳 and most of population not ready to accept it 🙈 It should change. Thr strength must grow🤗✨ Thanks for ur time steve✨☺️

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  6. Yes a mistake can rule for whole life, if the mistake is so deep and physical. What i refer is common mistakes we handle everytime and the common straight forward people we come across✨ Thanks for sharing your view Lily! But remember there is always a WAY✨😉✍️

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  7. Very nice post Simon!!
    It’s true people love their appreciation even it is fake… they’re not ready to listen their mistakes.
    Today people even do not point out mistakes of others…. don’t know why?

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  8. Yes, They are busy putting status of others mistake, Thinking that is helping them. They are totally wrong. If they have something should say it straight to their face. Irrespective of whoever they are. They are just a human made mistake and iy has to be pointed out for sure.✨🤗 Thanks for your time and sharing ur views.😃✍️😉


  9. Exactly Simon!!
    Yeah, we learn from our mistakes after all!!
    Pointing out mistakes in front of people is far better than talking behind their back!!
    My pleasure dear ❤️

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  10. Great share Simon. Unfortunately, not everyone is willing to accept their mistakes. Some is too prideful to correct themselves and other are plain and simple unwilling to change.

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  11. U r right Jessica ☺️ it’s their “I” thing that didnt let them open up, if they change things will be better than they look at now☺️ Thanks for your time and sharing valuable feedback✨☺️ Happy Sunday😊

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