A Child’s Play – Part III

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*Note: I’m sorry i’m not using any graphical content in this post, As the kind of pictures scare and disturbing for some.

Clara is confused with where her Mom is.

She tried to open the door and run out of home, But the gravity failed, she started to fly and suddenly thrown back inside her house.

Her back hit the wall with a loud thud noise She fell down on floor, screaming! She tried to scream, but could only whishper the scream. She tried so hard but the voice didn’t came.

Her throat felt like expanding, She felt like a hand that is been shoved inside her mouth, a kid’s hand and then the head and the legs, The pain she felt is like someone cutting her neck off, she dozed off. Everything went black.

Her Mom is running like she wants to die, she kept running, reaching the city in that dark night. She is running through lot of house blocks, There she sees the board green valley, entered the block.

She stopped at a house painted in dark green. It was small. with a garage and a farm at the back. She knocks the door for sometime.

No response. She hits harder, A click sound. Sound of the door opening.

An old man staring at her mom. She stares him back, Breathing heavily from running.

The old man holds her neck, she tries nothing like she surrenders herself to him, lifting her in the air, Looking at her in the eyes and whishpers. Clara…. COME TO MEEEEEEE !

And everything went black !

Clara wokes up! Breathing heavily. It’s her dream…..

To be continued..

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20 thoughts on “A Child’s Play – Part III

  1. That’s not a dream. It’s a nightmare! But hey, I’m getting used to this scary stuff! Haha πŸ˜„ Wait, my protection blanket is missing! 😱

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