A Child’s Play – Part II

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Next day after lunar eclipse, The villagers woke up and shocked to find the hand marks on each door. But Clara was shocked even more.

No mark on her door.

People were so busy talking each other and looking at each door for the weird marks.

Clara with only her sick mother hates her life already. This is a scary experience for her and she don’t want villagers to make her life hell. She quickly uses her nail polish and make a child hand mark on her door.

People started gossiping about the old stories, Some said it ate kids, some said it kidnap and kills the kid in an unimaginable way, somesaid it stays on bridge and keep haunting people or will try to push people off from bridge.

All these stories made the people more afraid to go to other side of dark forest for woods. But eventually for living people must cross the dark forest. So does the Clara.

Eventually after sometime with fear, people started to get back to their work.

Clara did too. While returning back to village.

A young kid Thomas tried crossing the bridge, he suddenly felt someone holding his pinky finger.

which he kepts inside pant pocket. He froze! slowly turns left to see his hand out of his pocket and his pinky finger straight. He slowly walked the grip got tightened until he crosses the bridge the grip were there after that he could feel the release of his finger. He ran fast into village screaming what is happening. Every villagers croosed the bridge felt the same.

Clara came, She entered the bridge she felt the hold, her heart beat risen started sweating on that cold evening. She slowly walked with fear. She crosses the bridge, The hold was still there she tried to leave the grip, But it was firm, she wanted to scream but couldnt do it either, She reached her home, Her sick Mom startled her.

Mom! What are you looking at?

You must leave !

Her voice made her panic. She is already panic but her sick mom all of a sudden standing at her door made her feel even more scarier. She pushed her mom and went to her room and locked her door. The pinky finger hold disappeared. With a huge Sigh! she unlocks her door to speak with her mom and found her mom disappeared.

To be continued ….

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13 thoughts on “A Child’s Play – Part II

  1. Why are you scaring me with this story? It’s not Halloween yet. I know, I’m not obligated to read it but I have this problem of wanting what happens next… and on the same time I don’t more 😭

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  2. ✨😜 Thank you so much for the support ✨ But It’s going to be as simple after that. πŸ˜‰ two more chapters 😬 Don’t read, but Read πŸ˜‰βœ¨πŸ€—

    Liked by 2 people

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