99 words prompt : Pooptitude correction

November 19, 2020, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story that glorifies a toilet. Capture the marvel and status and love for a contraption we’d rather not mention. Go where the prompt leads!

Pooptitude correction

Come let’s go.

Don’t touch me, Ew! that’s gross! washed your hands?

Which is gross? Pooping? or me helping him? or not washing my hands ?

what kind of question is this? everything!

Dont you poop?

I do, in toilet. I’m not a kid.

But he is a kid, 70 year old kid.

So what? it’s still gross!

(smiles) Let me tell you something, you can’t stay here anymore, I hope you’ll find a guy like me.

What did I do wrong, it’s just my opinion.

Well, your opinion got no place here, and so you are too. Good bye!

The end!


3 thoughts on “99 words prompt : Pooptitude correction

  1. I often say this to people. There’s something similar between old people and young kids. They need help, sometimes a lot. But 70 isn’t that old yet, in my opinion. My mother-in-law was 90 before she was needed extra help.

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