Life Lesson : 13 hours Life

Happy Monday Everyone, If you have a hard feeling about monday, think of it as Friday and count on hours left for your weekend.

Leadership : There is no clear definition to be a leader, but a certain quality and taking the right decision at the right moment, and taking it forward boldly and making it successful is a leader quality. Also the one that supports the co ordinates and helps them to achieve their goals, I can say more, it depends on the situation where we can point out how a leader should be. But we all have got good leaders? in terms of, our country’s leader or the leader in our job? Think about it, and you will come up with answers, which are our expected qualities for a good leader.

I have been in this corporate ladder journey for like 11 years, I have noticed leaders of different types. That doesn’t make me an expert in this content, but I do know that some leaders are are not just leaders, they are amazing personalities. And some leaders are toxic. Let me share the best and worst qualities of both category I have observed in my 11 years journey. I have worked under both category and I have handled this people somehow, thanks to my bad sense of humour and the my attitude towards their acts. Here we go,

Amazing Leaders

  • Being a guide for better life and career
  • Answers for all problems
  • Organised
  • Pre planning tasks, and also managing the emergency tasks without extending
  • Work life balance – they will be an inspiration for others in maintaining work life balance
  • Positivity – the constant motivation and moral support
  • Truth – they’ll be straight forward, but when pointing out mistakes they’ll also teach you how to overcome it
  • Highly knowledged about the process and they’ll do what is right or at least we believe they are right

The Toxic Ones

  • Micro management, one of the most toxic leaders, they not only damages the name of the company, they make people a puppet
  • Abusers, verbally harrass people and touch their ego
  • Workaholic, they expect all to stay overnight, everyday and imagine the employee that works 14 hours a day
  • Autocratic, not bothered about others opinions
  • Unrealistic expectations and treats employees like shit

I can write more about them, but that is not my point.

Every human being has a purpose, the purpose of living happily and peacefully. This job and their 9 hours shift all this were created with a reason. 9 hours of work, 2 hours of commuting, 3 hours with family, 2 hours for self care, and 8 hours of peaceful sleep. Every one works for a peaceful sleep, and a 3 hour happy time and 2 hour self care. Majority of population lives this 13 hour life. Their 11 hours of work and commute is to eat healthy and live happily.

But a poor leadership can spoil their happy time. Indian companies sadly treats all their employees same, majority of the workers does not work for 9 hours, they work more than 9 hours and not getting paid. All this happens because of poor leaders.

I am not blaming the entire working population suffers, I am blaming the majority of population that suffers because of poor leadership. And I have seen people that works for same company for many years on same designation and still treated as SHIT!

Dear Leaders, Treat your employees like a human, and let them live their 13 hours life happily, the more an employee is happy the more productive he is.

If you think I have badly affected by this, yes, my coworkers are affected, and I DO NOT work more than 9 hours, sometime an hour at home with my laptop as an exception, an extended support. I manage my work life balance and will suggest my team to follow the same. I want to be an inspiring leader, not the one to be forbidden or forgotten.

So my dear reader, if you are a Leader, and If you treat your employees like shit, Read this again.

Thanks for reading!

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6 thoughts on “Life Lesson : 13 hours Life

  1. Great advises Simon! I wish those toxic leaders will read your post! I’ve been through both of them too and what I don’t understand is that how come a leader cannot see that if you make your employee a “puppet”, the employee not being happy at the workplace, the results of his/her work will not be great…when an employee is happy, the work is much better…happy employee, happy company, at least this is my though after all these years of work…πŸ€ͺ

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  2. Thank you Ribana 😍 I wish they could read it, or I could able to send it to them directly πŸ˜‚ In my Last two company I have these kind of micro managing abusive leaders and I don’t compromise on my values or let anyone around me compromise on that. I wonder the same how they became a leader πŸ€” must be a bad recommendation πŸ˜³πŸ™„India is always like that, talents never matters, recommendation does 😼 All we want is Happy employees, Happy life, productive days and a Happy 13 Hours 😍

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  3. My opinion is that they are considering themselves leaders but they’re not…they like to call themselves leaders…that kind of persons doesn’t mean anything to me…πŸ˜’
    I guess recommendations are the ones that work in the entire world…no matter how hard you work, if you don’t have recommendation you don’t go anywhere πŸ˜’ crazy world…
    In the end what we all want is a happy and balanced work-life! Always be happy Simon! 🀩🀩

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  4. They only have the designation and nothing else, Yes 🧐 Recommendation πŸ™„ what to do with these crazy world 😸Live happily 😁 Work life balance is very important no matter what job we do πŸ€—

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