Life lesson – Vers 32 – Self consciousness

Consciousness is good, self-conscious is also good, But too much of anything is not good. We have a common problem of being overly conscious about ourselves. Is it good? Is it worth it? Being selfconscious goes beyond just being aware of yourself — when you’re selfconscious, you constantly question the way you appear to others. Why do we need to worry about, what will others say, How others will see us? Nothing matters, All it matters is you, just YOU! Let me give you some tips that helped me overcome my self-consciousness, and these are my regular reminders to my anxious brain that doesn’t work at sometime.

If you have self conscious issues you might  have this behaviours like the following- Low self esteem, anxiety, depression, blame others if something wrong happened, responding to embarrasment angrily. If you experience such behaviours do follow some of the following steps that might help you.

5 ways to lose that self-consciousness

Stop thinking about yourself – We naturally use to overthink about how we need to react and because of our reaction how others will react, This is natural, instead of thinking about yourself, think about others, when you get nervous how you are going to behave in front of a person, think about the person that you are going to meet, think about their age their hair colour and the people around them and divert your mind from worrying to occupied with something else.

Question inner critic We all have that little devil in our pocket all the time, judges and demeans whatever we do and makes us nervous. Question that inner critic, challenge that inner critic, if it says you can’t do it, prove it you can, show that little devil who you really are. Overcome the inner critic first, we can overcome anything then.

Talk freely, speak without worrying what you are saying. Instead of judging yourself and end up saying something stupid, just say it, it is ok to feel stupid you will learn eventually when you are brave enough to make mistakes, you are one step ahead to learning. So stop worrying.

Be Mindful Mindfulness is the process of purposely bringing one’s attention to experiences occurring in the present moment without judgment, which one develops through the practice of meditation, so if you are anxious or nervous about someone asking you a question, take a deep breath, practise mindfulness and relax. Looks complicated? Try it, it is not. I’ve did it. For me meditation sucks, but mindfulness is not. It’s all about being aware of the surroundings and get clarity in your mind.

Be an optimist Optimistic is a reflection of a belief or hope that the outcome of some specific endeavour, or outcomes in general, will be positive, favourable, and desirable. Always expecting the best possible outcome from any given situation is called being optimistic. Don’t brand yourself as realist, sometime you have to be optimistic, that will be a hope for others around you. This will look easy, but it’s not easy as it looks, as we always have that Positive idea and never uses it and it gets rusty. So if you have a positive idea, don’t let it die, believe in it, take it to your heart, always stick to the best possible outcome and be optimistic, say for yourself ‘If someone can do, you can do do it too’.

As I said before too much of anything is bad, when someone is too much self conscious, they may end up suffering from anxiety, depression and social isolation. On the bright side, Self-consciousness are sometimes healthy that will show your emotional maturity. Positive health conscious emotions are powerful motivators. Lot of people have self consciousness and each of them respond differently. Learn to be a healthy conscious and stay healthy!

If you are one of them that has healthy self consciousness you might do one of the following; having pride in your accomplishments, being a sport, engaging and enjoying social environment, apologize for mistake and take responsibility to correct it, punctual and disciplined. Don’t worry if you have nothing I mentioned here, just read it again and help yourself.

Hope that helps!

Thanks for reading ✨

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18 thoughts on “Life lesson – Vers 32 – Self consciousness

  1. Thanks Sonia, that was rightly said. Root cause of most mental issues are over thinking. Have a wonderful Sunday ✨💐😊


  2. As with always in this life we don’t need to exaggerate with anything! We must be self conscious but not over thinking!
    Great advices Simon! I’m glad you did it and it work! Ambition and control goes a long way 😉

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Thank you Ribana ✨🤗Guess I know your reading time now😁 Overthinking is my problem for a really long time. And with constant questioning and focusing on positive things, it has subsided, but never extinct. Using it for writing now 😁 Someone once said use negative energy into passion, it’s somehow working 😊👍

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Hahaha…I try to read in the morning but sometimes I’m too busy with work 🤪
    Yes, you’re right…using the negative energy into your passions can really work 😉 Keep it going Simon! You’re doing a wonderful job 😉🤩

    Liked by 1 person

  5. You are not alone, I still do that. Always remind yourself to keep your mind busy. Go with the flow, I’m sure you’ll manage.😉👍 Thanks for reading. I hope this would help you 🤗✨


  6. I absolutely love your way with words, Simon.
    There is no harm in feeling a little self-conscious from time to time, it can make us self-aware and we can jolt towards becoming a better version of ourselves. It keeps us on our feet. But when they become extreme, they become rather toxic in that we completely forget how to love and accept ourselves. All we tend to do then is place ourselves ‘in terms of others’ and feel insecure about people think of us. Thank you for your tips, Simon, I really needed to read these – being an over-thinker!

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  7. Hi Saabia, Thanks for sharing this amazing insight. Honestly I needed this too, Being an overthinker yes we sometime think some things too much and it might bother us, like you mentioned it is toxic if it’s too much. These tips is a great help and a constant reminder to myself. I’m glad I helped you in a way🤗Have a beautiful day Saania Sparkle✨🤗


  8. Nice read, Simon…it conveys much of inner strength that truly empowers one to handle the crises of being and not being, becoming and not becoming as self-consciousness is like salt; excess and lack both spoil the soup…
    To my little mind, it always chirps that self-consciousness is contributory so long it takes meditative path…only to delve into deeper inside own thoughts, interpretation and perception that triggers so….the clouds veling the light ahead are all that stay between me and my destiny… conscience may drive the knowledge and knowledge to awareness…it loses the.mirth of knowing in arrogance and pride…knowing true me is seing me in truth….else the purpose of life remains only in surviving…not living..
    Very inspiring post and carries light..

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  9. Thank you for stopping by, I’m glad to receive a comment like this from you, and happy that I could spread good vibes through my words ✨ Wish you a Happy Friday and a wonderful weekend to you and your family 🤗💐


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