All these years, i was living a lie. I thought i was perfect than others when i am doing the worst mistake of them all. I advice the public on how to live a life, but myself failing to do everything i’ve said. I’ve been a failure all my life, but never happily agreed that i am a failure. I am a slow learner, but i fake it being a fast learner. I hate everyone, i fake smile and being kind to people. I love few people, never been a good talker to anybody, because i dont know how to talk. I never focused on anybody’s talk. I’ve  listened to people feelings, but I discarding the feelings of my own people, my family, my mom and wife. I’ve never listened to my mom feelings she was in depression she still is. I have never been there to listen her pains. I’ve been stopping people when they sharing their feeling to me, by simply saying forget it. A pain, a feeling, a depression is not easy to forget. IT HAS TO BE SHARED. I never helped anybody. But i blame others for not helping. I called myself a perfect listener to the outsiders.i never had friends because i didn’t respect their relationship and feelings.
It was always about me, my problems, my pain, my issues, my commitments, my future. My mind was trained to think about only ME. My mind was not ready to accept anyone pointing out my mistakes. Self praise was my priority. I was praising how perfect i am and how imperfect the world is. I was spreading only negativity thinking i am doing the opposite. Everytime people come to me with their problems i took their problems to my head. my anxiety shots up. i avoided all the negativity around me. That’s the biggest mistake. I hate the person I’ve become. I need peace, also i need my people also have peace. I always choose selfish solitude ignoring everything around me all bad and good. I’ve been consistent at only one thing. Running from everything, good, bad, feelings, pain. I am not living. I hate the person i’ve become. I must put an end to it. But how?

A letter from Dave!

Reply from ME

Hi Dave!

A battery needs positive side and a negative side. Both gives an energy and that gives life to machines.

Life is both. Positivity and Negativity.

We cannot be always happy. We cannot stay positive all the time. If both happens the entire world will not have so many religions and God’s to share their pain and tears.

Believe me. Life needs both. Just like a battery.

My words for your letter.

  • Read your letter again. You have listed all your mistakes. This is enough to remind your mistakes. Not to stay in depression. But not to forget the lesson you learned from it. Read it everyday.
  • You are not a failure. Think about where you are now. And what you are now. I personally know you and what you are today has not come by faking it. It involves your hard work. Never forget to be consistent in your hard work.
  • Never ignore people. You have listened to people outside and you have given some wise words. May be as you said you are fake. But from now onwards start listening to people around you. We can serve the world later but family is first. Serve them. Be their support and mentor.
  • Accept the negativity, pain and feelings. Never ever run away from it. You cant stay out of it forever. Let it out, cry or talk to someone. But don’t forget it is only temporary. So don’t think about it deep.
  • It’s ok to self praise until it is inspirimg someone for good. But next time preach only what you do. Stop faking it.
  • Stop running from your anxiety, depression and stop blaming yourself or others. Face it, Face the truth. Always remember You are better than this. You can always upgrade you to a better version just like you replace your phone.

Now replace your thoughts by reading the above points. You’ve learned an important lesson. Your mistakes. Write it on a paper an keep it.

*Note: This is an imagination. There is no dave or real me helping him out.😉 But i made this in hope it will help people out there with such problems.

Thanks for reading🙂✨✍️


16 thoughts on “Letter

  1. Well, by advising to others, you may learn yourself how to do better, they can give theirs point of view and it can be helpful for you too💚
    We all fail at some point, so what? Move on and keep learning, i failat my dream job each day for 1 week until i finally understand how that crazy 3D designs program works😁💜
    Don’t be to hard on yourself, your advices are really good☀️
    You are looking back again? Don’t look back, you are here now, so go and talk to your mom or wife, ask out for coffee and have a walk, i have noticed, that by talking walk with a coffee doesnt matter with my mum or friends, helps to open up🌈
    About my my my thing, hmm, could share something, i used to put my my my behind me and focus on others, help them, when i wasn’t okay myself, until i couldn’t hold anymore and i went deep into darkness. My my my goes first, because you can’t help THEM THEM THEM when your my my my is not okay💙

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  2. Hey Ilona🙂 Thanks for your time Respect that huge motivational comment. Failure, negativity and being selfish are toxic and such relationships are also becomes toxic because of that person. These words might help whoever struggles in such pain. Any one scenario that helps any one people will be a great acheivement. Thanks for your time and such a wise comment✨🤗✍️ Have a great day ✨😊

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  3. Yes, it is toxic at some point, but i think, that we shouldn’t be scared to fail, happens, we can try again and again until we get it right. Negativity is bad, but it happens anyway, need learn to dont stay stuck in to it.
    Relationship can be fixed, unless some cheating or big lies happened. Being selfish and to dont forget yourself is very clothes to each other, need to keep the balance. I dont think your are selfish as much as i know you:)

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  4. Forgot:D you too Simon, have a wonderful day!!! 🙂 the text what you wrote under your letter, i will save it, because it is very motivating:)

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  5. Hey ilona, Thank you so much🙂 Happy to read your kind words. You always support me,no matter what. So grateful to have you. May be i am not selfish. But this is a work of imagination. also, have to admit, few points about me also is mentioned here, i am working on it as i know what i am and people are helping me out😊. Thanks for your time and support dear ilona✨✍️

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  6. Hey Ribanna, I appreciate your time. Glad you liked the post and Thank you so much for the kind words✨🤗✍️ Wish you an awesome Friday✨ followed by a beautiful weekend✨☺️

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  7. Hey Peeyush! 😁That was a joke isnt it 😂😂👌 Loved it Man.. ha ha .. That was just putting out our dark thoughts and a self talk 😉 Thought might work as a content. Looks like it worked 😁 Thanks for this huge support and kind words🤗 Grateful🥰.

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  8. Good one….☺️☺️ I’ve always embraced my negativity…. Which usually acts as manure to the positive changes.. lovely read Simon…

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