Husband: Honey! Honey! Honey! My dear Honey from the Amazon forest. Would you please open the door.

Wife opens the door.

He removed his shoes. Walked inside the house. Changed his dress.

She called him to come down and eat the dinner. He said he is not hungry and got some work.

After 20 mins, She came to her bedroom and asked is the work over?

Oh yes! it is. Let’s get back to bed.

Next morning, 7 am.

She wake him up. Honey, my dear honey from the AMAZON Forest, would you mind answering a question.

Hmm hmm he answered still half asleep.

Did you drink last night?

He awoke from the shock of hearing that question. No Honey! not at all. I promised you last week. I did not drink.

Wife smiled, is it? then why were you using my suitcase as a laptop? And why are you wearing my baby doll shorts?

Husband : oh Shit!

Jokes from centuries ago Buried chest in my head.

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