Make it happen


What does not happen?

Anything that you wish to happen will not happen if we are not doing anything. There is no magic, Life is not an illusion or a movie show. If you simply expecting a cup of water in your hand, it is not going to happen in a blink of an eye because you are not a Telekinesis person to fool others and in real it doesn’t exist on earth. If you are one among them always expecting things but without doing anything this post will be the message for you.

Make it happen

This looks very simple, Honestly not simple but you can do it. Starting from simple thing you need a cup of water you have to go and get it.

Like this?

🙄🙄🙄 Uhhhhh close to this….hmm🤔 No, i am not talking about Cat.

Let me show you a perfect example.

Let’s forget about doing things like getting a cup of water. In LIFE if you want to be happy or successful ? you have to make it happen, no one is going to help you. Thats the truth.

I would like to share a short real story.

Let’s keep this guy name was Dave, he was a charming handsome guy and he had lot of friends, for him everything in life is about being happy. He had a malignant Tumor between his chest and Lungs. He did checked the doctor and found he is at final stage of cancer and he was given only months to live. He never said it outside. He chose “happiness”. He did not change what he did. He went outside, he did party with friends, helped poor and lot more. He was close to his family more than before, i was one of his introvert friend and i always deny his request of going out with his group. Last time i met him, he said he was sick and may never come back. I smiled. I motivated him that he will be back to office in no time. He gave a charming smile. I got a news that he passed away early morning in hospital bed. It was a shock to all of us.

Let me point out the message here.

If some one of us is given us such message, i’m sure most of us will fall into depression and wil spend the days crying or may be we wouldve chosen happiness.

Happiness is what he chose when life throws at him a bad news, and he make it happen by focusing only on happiness and forgot about his diesease.


Whatever happens, Choose happiness and success and make it happen by focusing only on what we need.

Thanks for reading.. ✨🤗

No need to be sorry… It happened some 6 years ago.. I’m okay ✨👍

Pass on your comments and thoughts.

And whenever i put this nobody does it.


13 thoughts on “Make it happen

  1. Very true Simon! The thing is that most of the people think that happiness comes from something else, that depends on something…what they don’t realize is that is depending only on us! Is us who can choose to be happy or sad, nobody else, or nothing else!
    Let’s choose to be happy!
    Have a happy weekend Simon!

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  2. Hey Ribanna, Exactly the point…✨🤗 Thanks for your time. Glad you got the content of post.. Let’s choose the positive side happiness…and learn to live like that Happy weekend to you ✨🤗✍️

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  3. Everything looks easy or difficult until we dont chose, we have to give a try and do it if we want it so badly WE CAN DO IT☀️

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  4. Very true, the brilliant ideas we have in our heads will never see the light of day unless we sit down, ignore all the distractions, and just do the work. Most of us already know this, but our actions and behaviours unfortunately indicate otherwise. Life is indeed not an illusion, we need to stop wishing and start doing!

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  5. Hey Saania! Thanks for your time 🤗✨✍️ Been missing your wise comments… Glad to have you back here.. Agree with ur point.. “life is indeed not an illusion” ✨👌


  6. Choosing happiness. What a beautiful post, I enjoyed it very much.

    It is so much easier to be swallowed up whole by your emotions. It is harder to face everything head on with a bright an positive attitude.

    Your friend was such an inspiration and his strong and positive character shined through very well in your post.

    Your post is a good reminder that is possible to do so. Choose happiness indeed!😊

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  7. Hey Eva! Thanks for stopping by and scrolling through my old posts☺️ That’s really appreciated, your time and your valuable comments is much appreciated ✨🤗 Thanks to you for reminding me my friend story, it’s a life time motivation for all of us, let’s Choose the positive side and stay positive stay happy✨😉 Wish you a wonderful weekend ✨💐

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  8. Have a wonderful weekend as well.

    It was my pleasure. It’s not everyday you come by real friends like yours. It’s always great to appreciate people and their memories as well. I’d always like to think, Gone but never forgotten.😊

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