Dear readers,

Ever heard of this? Consistency….

Yeah, i can feel it you people nodding, and somebody saying yes. Hey! hey! hey! stop spitting on your mobile screen.

Where was i? Huh! Consistency.


Success begins when there in consistency. Agree? From the blogging to your daily life.

Anything we do and seek success requires consistency. But why then there are so many failures even if people do consistently perform?

Where we lose?

We lose when we skip a day, a day is still a skip day, to lose all the gains you gained. Take it body building, you work out the whole year and you miss a day or two and your true reason for the failure starts there.

This minor rest will not be the first time for most people. People once tastes the break their mind will seek for the break again and again and again, these little little failures together makes people a part of massive failure in their aim.


Consistency is an act of discipline, agree? No problem if you don’t agree? pass on your thoughts in comments section, bye bye! Agree? Yes, you are right! 😉

Consistency is an act of discipline, the more discipline you are the consistency never breaks and your ride path towards success will be smooth as an highway..😉

Got it? 😋

Thanks for your time reading my 2 min Life needs✨ Must maintain consistency☺️

Wish you all a wonderful weekend…✨🤗


10 thoughts on “Consistency

  1. I agree, we need to focus and do it each day, doesnt matter how tired we are❤️my donuts is burning, aaaa, multitasking in the kitchen brb😂

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