Dear Readers,

This content involved my favorite bloggers name, If i hurt any of you intentionally or unintentionally. My sincere regrets to them. And honestly if you guys don’t know them. You must visit them. This is an opportunity.

Ever wondered how is Life of a blogger ?

As i wake up in the morning by 3 am every day and get back to sleep again to wake up at 5 am again, Some one says that i am blessed to wake up at 3 am because it’s a spiritual time🧐 lucky that you can wake up. Man, i am damn upset🤨, i feel like having a partial insomnia, You get that? i sleep hardly 4 to 5 hrs a day and a break in middle is 🙄. Sigh!! These people and their belief’s. Spiritual 🤦? come on!!!

If it is 5 am in the morning, my mind says, rise and shine – Ilona CiccoLady is awake already and she started running and making positive blogs and taking photos on her way.

My body was like reacting in bed. You know the feeling of paralyzed or stuck in a dream? Damn! It’s not easy to get used to rise early. Believe me. It needs lot of attention and self motivation and someone like ilona to motivate early risers.

Do i give you a feel of bragging here? you don’t know what i mean? well read further and find out

I get up, As i brush parallel on one side making tea on other side thinking when Ribanna from Popsicle society gonna make a blog about making a milk Tea my favorite refreshing drink. Yes i am a multi tasking person. You know what, i watch wordpress notifications, read Jessica’s blog while the milk gushes out of the bowl and brush my teeth and walking inside kitchen. He he. I am a multi tasking person isn’t it.

Here i can hear the sound of Mr/Mrs Raven no one here grow a cockerel to hear that cockerel noise. So Raven is our cockerel and it sings anytime 😂. You know what? i need Mr. Steve assistance from Steve’s country blog to identify the gender of these Raven’s.

Raven’s moment with Steve! Caught live 🤪

So, refresh and quickly get out of house with my workout bag. With out street light going out of my house during winter is like walking in pitch dark with a micro milli light and fog. It was always like looking at Lillians Orkidedatter painting. I imagine all things and put in front of my eyes. And imagine what happens?

It was alwayz scary waking up early at morning and getting scared 😂😂😂.

What happens then? i am missing more favourite bloggers, Like Huguette, Lilly and Saania’s wise comments 😕.

Loving the journey and it’s happenings🤗

What’s happening ?

Do you like this?

Comment about it.

Do you hate it?

Curse about it.

Wish you all an awesome day✨🤗✨


21 thoughts on “Happening

  1. Hey Simon, that was great! Loved the raven! Some of the birds around here are almost like that! That was a cool way of getting a mention out for some blogs, thanks so much for that!! I can easily get up by 4 in summer because it’s daylight already, a little harder now because it’s dark, but I’m still managing 4:30 anyway. I just love getting up early, but it does mean going to bed early too. Hope your day has been great!😁😸🍁🍂🐿

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  2. Hola Simon, i dont think, that you hurt anyone, life of blogger is not easy, but if you really want, you can make it🤗Differently, than you i dont go back to bed, but i’m lucky, that i can sleep deeply by night, i just try to avoid coffee, juice and other products, which could keep me awake. You know me well, hehe, i always check your blog in the morning, i honestly like your funny post, and serious ones as well.
    About had something similar, it called sleeping paralyse, when your mind is awake, but you can’t open your eyes or move, you can hear whats happening around, but you can’t open eyes or move, scary right? First time i was very scared, but since this summer, it never happened again, hopefully🤗💜
    Me too i’m multitasking, sometimes i read someones blog and write comment, about the previous blog what i have read just before that one😂oops, happens, right?
    When we have a lot of action happening around us and we blog at same time, but its okay, i just wrote another comment for that person and explained what happened, she was laughing😂
    I think, that your favourite bloggers will come one day, when they will figure out their things what i have to do, blogging is not always easy or enjoyable, i didn’t enjoy my old blog and had no time, i also thought it wasn’t goos enough, so i just deleted until i figure out how to do, when to do🤗
    I follow some of your favourite bloggers as well, from your list i always go first to Steve, his blog has some super power, it so calm and peaceful, relax of the day💙

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  3. Hey Ilona, That was a quiet a compliment. And you never failed to compliment othera in blogging world for sure😉✨ Deep sleep is a gift indeed, may be i was partially gifted first 3 to 4 hrs only is a deep sleep😂😂. Yes i know you as far as you shared in blogging 🙂. Funny & serious blogging yes because we can’t be serious all the time. Life needs some fun😉. Multi tasking is a gift and glad you have it too. it’s always Fun multi tasking 😂 and we are more productive than others💪. I am glad to reas that you figured out how blogging works teach us too 🤫. Indeed Mr.Steve always the man of super powers, His knowledge and experience glad i found such bloggers in this journey . Thanks a lot for your patience and this lovely interaction. Grateful 🥰. Thanks again and wish you Happy Onam. A special day in our place ✨🤗

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  4. Thank you for a kind word Simon, well, if i have a chance to say something nice, why not?🌈, People already heard enough of negative in their life, have to tried some medication to sleep? Maybe it could help you, i’m against pills, but someones it can really help🤗, yes, i always sneaking in to your blog, mostly early morning, because i’m looking for my morning laugh😂, well with my multitasking, yesterday i was talking on phone, washing news on tv and cooking some potatoes in the pan, guess what? I somehow forgot about potatoes until i started to smell some burn😂, happy to stop By Simon and i would like to say Nisha, but i think you monopolised the blog right?😂
    Have an inspiring day and make it meaningful🤗Sorry for grammar mistakes and others too, happens to me, i’m going to the bank and writing comment at same time😂

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  5. Hey Ilona, Agree with you, Enough negatity around us, keep spreading positivity. Im against pills too. It happens a lot but its ok 😉 Im on leave with gym till this weekend. Getting back to gym will normalise my sleep. Thanks for guidance,🤗. So kind of you. Multitasking 😂😂 Tat happened with me a lot 😉 maily on kitchen.😁. You can mention me Nisha or Simon, i am ok with any name. Nisha is my wife. i am cool & happy too if you call me any. Proud 🥰to add her name with mine since she is my best half, whats in adding her name🤷. See u r multi tasking again 🤔… Happy multi tasking day🤗

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  6. Thank you for explaning it so well, gym helps for sure, specialy to sleep, you just dont have power to stay awake😁🤗😎, its a good thing, yes you are lovely couple, i like, that i can see the picture of both of you.
    You look lovely together, no i was just wondering if she blog sometimes from this blog, thats why i asked if you monopolised the blog🤣😂i m not good with jokes😂🤣
    Multitasking in the kitchen can burn your food, but still, i like the way i do it, good things happens with multitasking too😋🤗🙂it was great to talk with you a little bit more and with longer comments Simon🤗🙂

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  7. Hi Ilona☺️, Thanks for the lovely compliment🥰 . No she dont blog but she read my posts before i post most of the time😉. ha ha totally get it, u r good at jokes too😂😂tats why i mentioned why i put her name 😁 also to break a stereotype thoughts of adding a women name after a guys name🙂. It’s a great talk too, 😃Having interactions on longer comments feels good 🤗 And forgot to mention we both are almost identical with english knowledge it seems, because i am poor at grammer too.🤫😉


  8. Goos idea, to give the post to read, before you post it, usually i send it to Steve, he said he cab help with correcting, good to find some good friends, who can help without asking in return😊🤗🙂Nice of you to say😂🤣but i still should improve in my joking area😉🤗we both poor😅hopefuly i m nky alone😂🤣

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  9. Ha ha 😂😂 Yes, Good friends are always good and thats why i chose her as life partner 😁😁😁 Joking area hmm its not that tough u do it pretty good. No u r not alone.😂.🙌… Enjoy the day ilona🙂

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  10. What a great post Simon! Thank you 🙂 Very appreciated to be included here 🙂
    Making a milk Tea? Hmmm…. I need to think about it as I don’t drink it but never say never 🙂
    Well, being a blogger is definitely not easy, especially for those who don’t do it as their main job but just trying in their spare time…time management can be very tricky so you think you can multitask 🙂 I’m very bad at multitasking, I always avoid doing it as can be risky for me 🙂
    Waking up at 3am…it happens to me pretty often but for a sad reason I guess, not spiritual…and is not nice at all…but still after that I manage to wake up at 5:30am ready for the gym and then for a long day in the office…:)
    I hope Huguette will be back soon 🙂
    Wish you a wonderful day Simon! 🤗

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  11. Thanks for your time Ribanna🤗 Yes milk tea we are so addicted for no reason 😂😂. Yes multi tasking is quiet tricky and end up missing things few time 😜 oh u too.? 3 am.. yes its not spiritual at all..but guess what we wake up again at 5:30 tats great😉👍 Yes i wish Huguette wil be back☺️ Thank you…😀

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  12. I was happy too, when she came back with a post. 😒Sadly she left. Maybe she is too busy with her professional and personal life. Let her go 😇 Move on … ✨ It’s all for good… 🤗

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  13. She and I were pen pals ✉️ I sent her a letter a few months ago and haven’t heard back since. We were good friends when she was still blogging. *sigh* 🤷‍♀️

    People come and go, and for reasons we’ll never know.

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  14. Exactly, there are reasons ✨ It’s good you guys were pen pals, she will come back, eventually. One day when she is free from all that keep her busy. Wait for her 😊. Keep writing. ✍️


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