Random rants

Random rants


Sigh! Wonder why it is so hard to digest this Tuna? It tasted real good. BTW I actually tried to write about a different digestion process, which, I actually couldn’t digest, you know? Well, precisely, no one can digest that. You know why? Because it is not eatable. Broken Promises.


Hard time to keep friends, but it’s easy to keep the key chain these days. There were times I forget where I kept my key chain and get late to office like an hour or so. Sometime, I even forgot to brush the teeth and had good time keeping the bacteria. Yikes! It’s bad isn’t it, I realised it is not good to forget brushing, when I spent 20k for a single tooth Root canal and replaced it with a Crown (a false teeth that looked exactly like the one I lost).


I don’t have, uh…. Sigh.. Why is it so hard to admit? Fudge! I don’t have friends at my work place. A colleague, cannot be a friend, a family friend is a family not a friend. A friend that out of nowhere related to me and close to my heart don’t exist right now. I had such friends? Yes, now? No. As time pass by, they started to forget my number, my birthday, and eventually me.


Birthday, why celebrate getting old? What hurt the most is, the number of people wish you birthday is going down on numbers, it clearly shows how social I am. I regret it? NO!


Introvert, overrated these days. Instagram talks more about introverts and define them, please understand social media, you don’t define an introvert. Introvert is self-designed like, umm.. you know, never mind. Introvert!


Happy Monday! Have a great week Everyone!!


12 thoughts on “Random rants

  1. Where I read?yours 😅 I’ve been reading your thoughts lately. Rants I thought I won’t do, I was dead bored and posted that. I don’t think ill post again like that ☺️

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  2. It’s now my comment got posted? 🙄I replied like 2 hours ago. Anyhow😅

    Omg? Really!? Wow thank you Simon 😊
    You encourage me so much. I’m definitely going to post much more now, so thanks 😄

    The rants were good..I mean once in a while it’s nice to just put down your thoughts on paper. They don’t necessarily have to make sense. But maybe you could also post more of your thoughts? Like lessons or things you learned in life so far. I’d love to read that, especially from someone with much more life experience than me😊

    Best wishes 💙

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  3. I just saw, and not sure when you posted. You got some nice view of thoughts, I’m glad you feel that way.

    Rants, if it is good, it’s good to post here there once in a while 😉. Life lessons, I’m not finding enough time to do anything these days, but somehow finding good time for writing stories. Thanks for reminder, I’ll start back some work on that too 🤗 Have a lovely week ✨🙌

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  4. Virtual world sucks, the compassion empathy the love we get nothing from that virtual crap 🤣. it’s good to have real people around with all that Human feelings 😄again, how do we find them 🤣🤣

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