My laptop is not working and my blog writings are lost😒.

So I’ll be not making posts for a while. But I’ll try to do some posts until i get my Laptop back.

You wil be free from my posts at least a while now😁


12 thoughts on “Update

  1. I will get it soon, my company wants me to work 24/7 and now im literally free😁😁, means more mobile blogging😀. 2 more days my company delivers me anothet laptop, and guess what🙄 work again☺️ And i can continue my stories☃️.

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  2. Actually i need to take care of an entire brach office. Apart from the 9 hrs sitting idle and supervising my work actually starts at end of the day. Only stressful thing when things take midnight to complete works😉 tats rare. Sure i do enjoy a 9hr break☺️

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  3. Hi Jessica😜☃️ Glad that was a joke😁 You know that right😋 writing on phone is a pain😒 But love the gif part.😁 easy to use gif thing, sad my Westley part of chapter from Jeremiah is lost. I need to write again🙄. Will do it soon😉👍

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