Rainbow – That Old Man ✨

One of the moment i remember watching old people.

An old man aged about 77 to 80. I rarely see him outside. Short a curved spine. He always walks with stick. He walks fast like minions.

Whenever i see he comes out, he either walks so fast and i will never see him or else he will take an auto. I never knew his name. I never had a chance to talk with him.

One day i met him in a hospital. I was also waiting. And this man came found a chair next to the nurses. He started talking with them. With the way he talks and fun with them i understood he often come this place. One of the nurse asked something and he replied he forgot but said will give before he leave.

He walked up to a kid, the kid smiles at him. He rubbed his palm and show the kid a paper dove coming out from his hand. the kid smiled happily jumped clapping his hand wanted the old man magic to repeat. he laughed and played with the kid. there he see another kid asking what do you want he said something. Oldman smiles and waved his hand five minutes and went back to his chair continuing the chat with nurse.

He constantly was doing something inside his sling bag. He kept doing something slowly pulled a newspaper flower a big one. He is a paper magician i think 😃 gave that big paper flower to that nurse. nurse was full of smiles and thanked the old man.

He called all little kids, he gave the kids some paper toys like paper camera, a ship, a dove the kids were happily thanked the old man. That moment he was called by doctor, went inside came back after a while and again his chatting continued with nurse then promised her he will surprise her next time. He waved goodbye to almost everyone in that place and he left. Once he left the entire place were suddenly so calm. It brought me back to my senses i was still in the hospital.

For sometime that entire place filled with joy and laughter. He knew every people in that hospital from kids to nurses to securities. His face filled with joy and excitement everytime he speaks with new people.

He looks Old, but young as a kid in heart. At this age what he can earn, everyday he is earning hundreds of heart. He looks Poor, But who is poor? He is the richest man, im sure he must’ve earned so many hearts. Not sure he is like that because of age. But his only aim is to make others happy.

From my view – He is a rainbow in someone’s cloud.

I remember this small phrase of Maya Angelou’s.

Thanks for reading.

✨Keep Smiling✨Stay Positive✨Spread Love✨


9 thoughts on “Rainbow – That Old Man ✨

  1. Such a passionate writer you are.. we can able experience the lively scene while reading your post..everyone will have a rainbow person like this old man in our life..we should hold on to them ..they spread the happiness where ever they go..we should value them and treat them the way they treat others…it so good to read a post like this

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  2. This is so inspiring and I do agree that this man is a rainbow and he’s like the sun in a cloudy day 👍 great story! We can do miracles sometimes with a simple word and simple smile 😊

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  3. Hey ilona, Thanks for your weekend time 😀 To remember, Our style of life is to inspire and earn people. Our life on earth is about how many people talk about us and for how long. ✨🤗 Thanks for the wise words..✍️


  4. You are welcome Simon, glad to stop by when i can, now for few weeks i will have more time, which i will dedicate for blogging💚🤗,yes you are right, we have to inspire others🤗💛

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