What do you do ?

It’s been several months or more than one year maybe, after you read the rest of my post, let me know if anyone of you have felt this too.

My rhythm of breathing slightly got heavy, my brain was faster, an unknown fear arises on my head, a gulp of water didn’t help to subside my feel and the thoughts were enacting like a high-speed train, couldn’t read anything as my brain was chasing something as I read faster but nothing got into my head, and yet my words from my mouth were steadier my eyes flew across people, and my sweaty palms got sweaty than usual, I felt like my BP was rising, tried to check my pulse with my sweaty arms and I feel uneasy, I wanted to run like LITERALLY, I came out of my office walking faster than usual to the nearest tea shop and had few of my favorite biscuits and a cup of tea, bought a mouth freshener and a chewing gum, no, I didn’t felt the change I ran back to office, the walk back to office was nice as the sun scorched it’s heat on my face I felt it, I entered the office and walked straight to the restroom splashed some good amount of water on my face then I washed my hands again and again and again until I felt its not sweaty anymore and wiped the water off my face and looked at the mirror. Was I okay? Okay! I felt a little relaxed, I washed my face again and my sweaty palms once more and arranged my hair, I looked good and fresh too my sweaty palms began to sweat again but okay. Took a deep breath a heavy sigh of relief I felt better, tore off the chewing gum pack, and began to chew one, my eyes flew off the floor felt like everyone was watching me and no one was I know, returned to my workplace and focused on work. I I got back myself.

Panic or anxiety attack the fear I felt was terrific. If was stronger than before. Any of you had a similar experience?


5 thoughts on “What do you do ?

  1. hello dear Simon, I hope you are now feeling better and didn’t experience this again! Sorry, you had to go through this. What I know about anxiety and panic is that the first is triggered by a specific thing but the second happened suddenly and without necessarily a trigger and it lasts for a few minutes. But I believe you’ve been maybe having a tough period and this is what led to this. I wish you are better now and relaxed. take good care of yourself, just know that your mental health is as important as your physical health and your well-being should always come first. Have a great time πŸ’•

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  2. Hello dear Huguette, it’s been a while I have come out of it. Occasionally heart racing, got back into workout routine, feeling better now. My phone was down can’t do anything for 3 days. Now my phone also feel better πŸ˜ƒ. Began to care for my sanity and I am doing my best to stay in the light πŸ™‚ thanks for reading, πŸ€— and supporting me as always πŸ’. Have a Good day you too ❀️

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