Emotions are passing clouds, let it pass. True colour has come out, not excited. Feeling bad why some Never changed. Thinking about a past incident is a waste of time, what I learnt from it, and what challenge it gave me ahead, I take it all. Not because I deserve it, it’s because I take it as a challenge to face that Too! What I’m today is what they didn’t do in the past and what I become now is what they aren’t doing even now.


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  1. Past incidents are used as lessons learned and this is their purpose, and believe me whatever happened in our life is necessary to build the person we are today, No matter how hard it seems or unfair. It is necessary. Imagine for one moment instead of being the person improving and learning, imagine you are the person that is unable to see themselves, improve and change! This person refuses to see their mistakes and keep harming and making the lives of others ugly and harder. For me, it is a disaster and I rather learn from pain than be that person. Keep going dear Simon, your pain will flourish and the world needs more people like you 😊💕

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  2. Everything that happens in our life, good or bad, are all experiences that make us who we are! They make us stronger and wiser! If others don’t want to see them is their problem! Just keep going Simon!

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