New year Lessons

Lessons on New year.

New year began blissfully and we learnt some valuable lessons as well.

Lessons learnt

* Do not listen to someone who is not in your place.

* Do not trust strangers advices, not all of them are helpful.

* There is always a way we don’t know, dare to explore.

* Sometimes, you can trust Google Maps.

* To your convenience plans can be changed, but listen to others as well.

* Take help, no matter how smaller it is be grateful for what you got.


I had no plans to take up any resolution😏, but here I am😒. I began my sugar free challenge🤭 for next 48 days🤐. The change is going to be good for my teeth especially😬. My Teeth are very sensitive lately😮 and I must stop adding sugar🤔 on my breakfast🤔, dinner🤔, snacks🤔, tea🤔, black coffee 🤔and in my mouth😂🤣. Why is this? I’m stopping coffee and gaining my weight 😎and I’m saving my dental expenses 👻🤪.

What are your lessons? Did you learnt anything? Or any resolutions. Feel free to comment, I won’t be rude. 😊


8 thoughts on “New year Lessons

  1. These are some good lessons dear Simon 😊 sometimes google maps is luckily right 😁 definitely someone that is not experiencing what you do, will not be so useful.
    Let me tell you that cutting sugar is a great decision and it will only bring you benefits. Sugar is the harmful substance we use and it’s a great decision to minimize it or cut it, I did this years ago and it was a great decision, not completely because I take it from fruits and sweets moderately but I don’t use sugar in all my beverages and I don’t drink soft drinks at all or energy drinks
    I have many lessons i wrote in my post and like you I have no resolutions or plans for 2023 so far, it’s somehow related to the previous year lessons anyway
    Thank you for sharing 🙏🏻😊💕

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  2. I can feel the difference of cutting down sugar. First is my appetite, I’m getting lot hungry than before 😃 and little cranky sometimes as I’m missing it 😸. Having honey and fruits as alternative to ease out my crankiness 🤣. Plus my hands and feet are too dry, usually they are always sweaty.. Cutting down sugar is like quiting a bad habit. I’m glad I began it cutting down or eliminating 100% most of the days, I feel good, more active, less sleepy and more hungry. Why we need plans? Let’s go with the flow,🥰 with our past lessons as light to drive in this darkness 🙂. Have a lovely week ahead ✨🤗

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  3. yes, this is normal,😅😅 you shouldn’t cut it completely, I take honey daily because it’s so beneficial, same for fruits, but processed sugar is the harmful one.
    I wish you had a nice weekend and all is good at your end😊💕

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