Welcome 2023

As I mentioned in my previous post, I have no plans for this year.

2022 and all the years we have come through had taught us beautiful and bitter lessons, beautiful and bitter memories.

We have a new year ahead. Can we begin this year with more love, more hope, and more gentle towards the living beings around us, and most importantly being kind and gentle to ourselves first.

Virtual world makes most emotionally challenged people into introvert, one of us could be that emotionally challenged person or one of us could be the light to that emotionally challenged person and help them overcome their emotional issues.

Artificial intelligence could write books, create images, create code themselves, make machines themselves and could take the technology next level, but the books written by humans and paintings and designs made by human are respected less, take a moment to respect their work, buy a book, buy a painting, or write one design something create something and our work could be respected by others like we do.

Diversions by traffic takes us to a different route, destinations could be confusing when such diversions interfere our regular route. We have diversions such as friends family digital world porn social media. We could rather be alone instead of taking a diversion with a wrong person, we could rather be with nothing(technology and gadgets) and still enjoy life and take our route to life without diversions. What is our diversions? What steps we are taking to avoid such diversions? Take it, may the universe helps us in this 2023 year to come out of diversions.

2022 was a tough period for some of us, maybe because it just happened, maybe because we let it happen, may be because we didn’t open up. May we decide to be open this year, open up, fight back, recover, heal or help others to heal, recover and fight through their tough times.

I have no plans, but I hope this 2023 will make me even a better person with better thoughts, with more time and save me from diversions and help me drive to my destination safe and be more kind and gentle on my journey and I hope you all to be the same too.


6 thoughts on “Welcome 2023

  1. I believe your wishes are pretty enough and straight to the point. I mean kindness is essential and we are lacking it in this world! Same for being better people and be safe from diversions….you have chosen humanity and no other plans are really needed. As you said we need to be gentler to each other’s, we need a real connection and lot of kindness and empathy.
    I wish this year will surprise you with its great things and events 🙏🏻😊💕 I tried to check two posts but it seems as if they were deleted. I can’t find them.

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  2. Thanks Huguette 🤗. Yes I deleted two post’s, not worth it. So I’m sorry. And thanks for checking out all the posts 😊. Hope my works are not boring ☺️

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  3. I believe you had reasons to delete them but for me, each word is worth it, if we feel it, experience it, or at least the fruit of our creativity. your work is not boring at all, each piece of content is unique and I’m not in a position to criticize anyone’s work but we can always look for ways to improve, this is certain 😊whatever I can help with, I’m always ready👍

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  4. 🥰 Happy for the Vibe Huguette. that posts are written when I’m off mood, I only want to spread that vibe to feel great. Looking forward to your writings 🥰🤗

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  5. Oh well I disagree 🙂 I wrote a post called “a complete failure” because this is how I felt. We are not responsible to spread positivity if we are struggling and down, sharing pain is also necessary and most of the lessons learned are from painful and hard experiences. But this is my approach and I respect yours 😊💕

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  6. True, I should keep such posts, as a reminder 🎗️. I respect yours too. That was my way of expressing my stress, it will be nice to read back though, will think about it to keep 😊

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