This post is purely a self-talk, I highly recommend you to skip this post.

Hey 2023! What do you have in for me? Peek a Boo! You know? I was gifted a book when I was a kid, it was the first novel I fell in love with, it is a cartoon illustrated book about Jesus. I read it over and over and over again, because I loved the art of that book, I loved the story too. Since then, I thought I am going to read a lot of books, but then the education system made me hate the books I had bought since then, I saw all of them as a bitter food. By 2016, I was introduced to books again, thanks to that one special colleague. The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I read a physical copy of that book, I read it again and again and again just like I read my first novel, and today, I am writing, reading and loving every moment of it, and wishing my kids should love reading too.

I wanted to write something, and here I am writing about something else, not able to focus on one particular thing cause I am preoccupied with tasks now, I am procrastinating a task now to make this dummy post to just let me feel good, this is my self-relaxing post. Life is precious, love the every minute of it, have some passion and keep doing it, do not end a day without satisfaction, satisfy yourself with what you love to do, because you will never know that tomorrow may or may not exist.

With lack of time, with some dreams and stories inside my head, I feel not satisfied for not being able to write or read as much I want. I took my work too much inside my head, and it worries me, I am losing the balance lately. Hope 2023 will give me enough time for everything I wanted for so that I could bring back myself to that balance, there is no perfectly balanced life, it is a balanced life with imperfection. My only plan for 2023 now is NO PLANS. Plans may not work, expectations may not happen, commitments will break promises, and I take this with me now, always be ready to face the unexpected.

In this uncertainty of life, universe will hit you with anything from any direction. Be ready to grab that opportunity and grow or recover or heal and to keep going.


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  1. It is so sad that school turned you off from reading. You are right about it being about the right book finding you.
    I loved The Alchemist! After that I read all PC’s books. You might be interested in Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, or here’s a take away from it for you: make time for yourself, make a date once a week with your self.
    Have a wonderful new year.

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  2. Thanks D, I’ve read all PC’s books. Thanks for introducing me to Julia Cameron work, I’ll check it right away it’s new for meπŸ‘. I’m taking the take away 😍. It’s Enlightening ✨

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  3. Thank you for deciding to publish this honest and raw post! Sometimes we just need to express whatever going into our mind from confusion, sadness, or just life struggle and when we write them and share them we hear others’ perspectives as we read them again sometimes we change our perspective, and we see it differently. Today you feel what you feel, tomorrow is another day, feelings and emotions change and it’s not easy to experience and acknowledge them, it requires courage, and while you are living your routine, struggling to find time, you will find your balance. There are no deadlines, no conditions, and you can read one page every day or nothing at all. you can walk in nature and sing out loud if this is what you feel. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and then suddenly life ends and we discover we forgot to live it. Just take a deep breath, take one day at a time, and know that everything can wait as long as you believe that there is no deadline, it’s just a myth.
    Have a great time and keep sharing your thoughts and writings with the world πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ’•

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  4. Thanks Huguette. Honestly, I was waiting for my therapist, she always tells me to write Blog and she said she will read it, not sure if she read this, but I’m feeling relieved. You sound just like my therapist πŸ˜…. Thanks for your time and kind words, I agree with your words ☺️ I’m happy and blessed to have a friend like you. Very Good Morning to you πŸ€—Have a great day ❀️

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  5. hahaha I guess your therapist will agree with me then 😊always happy to read your content and I just said the truth and my beliefs as always and blessed to have a great friend like you as well.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’• Have a great time 😊


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