Welcome 2023 in Advance

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Above URL will direct you to a post I made 2 years ago. What for ? Read the continue here, so you’ll understand why.

Honestly, how excited are you for a new year? I’m not excited, infact I’m not happy, the appraisal ahead scares me, I’m getting old another year worries me, the responsibilities and commitments ahead dares me, above all another day to wakeup just satisfies me to this night. Life is shit, the day you understand about life it will stink and then, you’ll get used to it.

We all make plans, we all make resolutions every new year. Does it happen? I did too, I was proud and excited to share my plans in public, if I had only known a little it’ sucks, I would’ve never done that.

When you have a plan, God has other plans for you. As an Atheist why I mention God? I don’t say God exist, I say the system is wrong. Forget about the system okay! For the edits I’m doing, if wordpress has a mouth, it will shoot some curse words for sure.

What is my plan for 2023?

First stop thinking about by 2021 plans, because, it is 2 years now since I wrote my plans for 2021. None of that I mentioned on my 2021 plan has happened. So, what is my plan for 2023? NO PLANS.

Lessons learnt

Have no resolutions, it doesn’t work for everyone.

Life is unpredictable, every year it gives me a hard example, this year it was my aunt. She is fine now with a lifetime scar. Hope she recovers soon.

People can go from people you know to people you don’t.

If you don’t say it, they don’t know it – so always be bold to tell NO, YES and @#@$@

Take away for 2023

Don’t keep the hopes high, if you do, be ready to face it when the hopes breaks you.

Keep it slow & simple, the more you react, the more the consequences.

Stop wasting time, it is precious, Hope I am an unlimited edition with time.

Stop procrastination.

Finally Stop talking, the Less you talk, the less they know. The less they know, the more is good for you.

If you have more good points to share, do share on comment box, I’ll be happy to add 🥰😆


6 thoughts on “Welcome 2023 in Advance

  1. Thanks Chel 🙂. I’ll have a look at that word, maybe I’ll take that tips 🙂. We always make goals and plans and it works too, but not all of them works 😉. Hope the 2023 comes a better version 🤗 Happy New year wishes to you and your Loved ones 💖

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  2. Well after reading your post from 2 years, I realized how much we change and our plans and priorities change because as you said sometimes life has another plan for us. I was never excited to end a year and start a new one, it’s just a tradition we follow blindly and we celebrate it just to not be lonely.
    I have a full post I believe you read it on 2022 lessons that I will use in this year but I have no resolutions so far.
    I believe that being healthy and seeing the people I love healthy is the most important thing in life. I will take any opportunity that will come into my way but I don’t have any plans so far, maybe this will change overnight based on the circumstances but no more stress about it. I hope 2023 will be better for you, for your family and the rest will come. If you have something you want it badly, you can pursue it , otherwise just walk with the flow. Again I wish you a happy and healthy year 😊💕

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  3. Yes Huguette, thanks for reading 🥰. Very Good Morning to you on this Saturday. As mentioned, the plans always change, and we are not excited about getting older too 😉. It’s that tradition everyone follows and we dance along with them. While we dance along with them, as u said let’s go with the flow, stay healthy and happily watching people we love stay healthy is important and self care that’s the first priority 😇. Yes, I have read your full lessons of 2022. Shared my comments too. Thanks for your wishes and support and your wise words 🤗 walk with the flow 💓 Proud to stay connected with one friend far away 🥰💕

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