Greedy Losers – Part 5

For his privacy I name him RK

Sweating in the Sun, this guy aged 45 working in a private car company marched towards me nervously.

He looked depressed, with several suicide attempts he came to me to explain his situation.

With descent job and earnings and a ROCSA (Rotatory Savings & Credit Associations) to be simple (Chit fund) scheme in his own way he earned good interests from the banks too. That’s when he got introduced to Nobel Legacy, initially he invested 5 Lacs then it became ten lacs and soon he invested all the funds he had in ROCSA.

Total amount he invested was 2 Crores, initially it was good returns and soon after COVID they disappeared from the market. With no returns in hand and EMIs he has to payback his salary and his wife salary both gone for it, unable to survive he sought his father help. At this age he works as a security and takes care of his son and family. People invested in ROCSA scheme began to knock his door for returns and he was under huge financial stress, decided to die as a family, somehow he got good advice and he is still around managing to close the loans and debts he has.

A common man with no backup investing 2 Crores of Indian rupee on an unknown financial concern, what makes people take such stupid decision?

Greed is injurious to health.

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3 thoughts on “Greedy Losers – Part 5

  1. Greed and illogical expectations as well…the desire to get rich in thz easiest way and this happens occasionally to some lucky people and it’s very rare. It shouldn’t be taken as an example

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  2. He is still trying, I saw the documents of investment felt pity for him and angry at same time. His aged father is supporting him working as a ATM security. How bS it is 😑

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  3. the problem that people don’t learn from others mistakes no matter how many stories/testimonies/books etc…are there. they just wait to happen to them and this is unfortunate

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