Greedy Losers – Part 4


At age of retiring, this father had dreams of becoming rich. He has saved some 35 lacs on his own. With two sons and no future commitments he decided to invest the money and double up and die rich.

Sadly, our state is filled with scammers and frauds across the state like sleeper cells. His own colleagues referred him to an unknown small investment firm.

They asked for 50 Lacs. Son is a software engineer, he took loans from both son’s salary and invested 50 Lacs. Boom! The firm disappeared in few months.

Devastated father tried to kill himself, realising his mistake he began to fight to recover the money. Till date he did not recovered, he retired, with no pension and both of his sons in huge debt he fights alone to all the financiers and answering them and trying to recover the money he lost.

Sadly, its heart aching to see how he regretted the bad decision he made at this age, and he is not going to get back the money he lost, he knew it, but he still trying to trace the scammers in this million population.

Good people are always surrounded by frauds.

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