Greed Losers – Part 3

A Women

Brain washed by a colleague, she decided to invest on that land. She trusted the returns are good with his bank statement.

Soon she got funds from different bank at once, the funds she has ever seen in her life, as advised by the team she invested all the money to them.

After about 3 to 4 months COVID pandemic at rise, lockdown across the country, there were no funds. Soon she realised she got cheated. She checked with her colleagues, all of them were cheated her trustable colleague killed himself, he left with crores of debt to his wife and kids, how they will recover from this?

She fought, she escalated, she tried with all she had “Shri Lakshmi Vilas” a small concern that put thousands of people life at danger, She never reached them, she never found them, she never got her money back.

She didn’t give up.

Someone’s weakness is someone’s opportunity.

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6 thoughts on “Greed Losers – Part 3

  1. I guess the most important lesson never invest in everything you have and never trust fully
    We live in a very dangerous world and getting rich easily is the most common mistake and misconception the people suffer from

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