Greedy Losers – Part 2


A government employee, with a descent hard earning. If he retires in 8 years he will get pension from government, with it he could have run his whole family at peace.

Greed – took a worst turn of his life. He sold his own house and invested all the money in a company “Nobel Legacy”. The company disappeared after giving 6 months of attractive profit.

Unable to pay back the loans he has took, with limited salary, he is struggling with his day to day life in a rented house. God know when he will get out his financial struggle, with poor credit bureau score he can neve get a loan in future.

Greed, is injurious to financial health.

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6 thoughts on “Greedy Losers – Part 2

  1. as I always say, people are so creative in screwing each other! Here the economic crisis and inflation would have been contained if not for people’s greed and dishonesty

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