Greedy Losers – Part 1


Vasanth is an IT professional. Initially it started as a hobby. Invest 500 on market and get it back as 600, so 100rs profit a day.

Little by little the greed begin to grow, unconsciously he became very greedy and took a huge risk.

His net take home salary was 1.5 Lacs INR a month, had more than 4 credit cards, and his new car loan too.

The greed began to grow and it showed it’s face one day, when he looked back he lost all the money he invested that day, all his credit cards limit over, took personal loans from 3 banks and got additional loan from local finance and invested all of it in one product and lost in a day. Soon the reality called EMI began to hit his door, his 1.5 Lacs was not sufficient to pay back his EMIs.

In a day he made huge debt and stuck in huge financial stress, because of Greed.

Note:- These are real stories of people I’m facing in my daily life. Has plenty of financial tragedy stories, and keep following me for more.

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5 thoughts on “Greedy Losers – Part 1

  1. Greed is awful, unfortunately most people are not satisfied of what they already have and the more they earn, the more they want and they become blind by greed and the results are always bad except out politicians! They are getting richer and the country in bankrupt unfortunately. Hopefully one day Justice will be served . Nice series dear Simon 👏😊

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