Life Lessons – Labels

Hello! Dear readers. I don’t remember when was the last time I wrote a life lesson post. I am happy to write it back again. Believe me, I got my senses back after a long break due to a year parenting twin boys, want to test? Bite your finger, felt the pain? Yeah, told ya, I got my senses back.

Do you remember the school days? Back then when I was a kid, I have to walk on my leg, eat on my mouth, I was doing … ah.. okay, this is not the place to talk about it right now. Let’s go back to the sweet/bitter memories of days we have to carry so much of books behind our back, binding the text book, writing impositions, standing outside the class, standing on the bench, having secret lunch in the last bench, and those scary tests, scary/beautiful teachers, and the girls that never accepted the proposals and the boys that never said NO to girls, sorry if you have studied in a girls/boys only school. I feel pity for you.

So, here is my content. In a school like we all studied, we used to play games right? To make fun of our friends, we stick label behind their back like “Kick Me” “I am a dog” like these, remember? Like that, one of a student was labelled as  “I am a stupid” on his back and he was sitting in his class. Their Math teacher entered the class and the whole class remained silent like a church, Math teachers were always a scary figure for me definitely not one to admire. How about for you? For them, she was scary, the whole class remained silent. She began to write on the board, like all teachers do she did the inevitable. She wrote a problem on the board and asked the kids to solve it.

None of the students had the answer, as you expected, the kid with the label has the answer. He got up from his seat and walked to the board, the entire class controlled the laughter and some small giggles were overheard from the back. Teacher noticed the kid has the sticker labelled “I am stupid” in his back, remained silent until he solved the problem on board. Teacher made the entire class to applause for his answer and removed the label as he walked back to his seat.

Teacher warned the whole class that the all of them has a punishment for this behavior, before proceeding with the punishment, teacher gave a small message to the entire class.

This kid had a label behind his back and he was not aware about it. He walked to the board boldly and answered the question because he was never aware of the label. If he had known there was a label on his back “I am stupid” he might not have raised his hand to answer the question on board. In our life also some people label us, do not let that label behind your back go into your head, keep moving forward and do not care what label was behind your back, keep moving on with your goal like the kid walked to the board and answered the question.

One more sad thing was this kid has no true friends in this room, he is your fellow students and I believed most of them are his friends, sadly none are his friends. If there was one true friend in this room, he would have removed the label and supported him. Same happens in our life too, it is better to be alone than having 100 of people around us pretending to be friends.

Hope you got the message! If not, do pass your comments, don’t be rude okay! I don’t mind, but still, be kind. I wanted to be kind like Jeffery Dahmer and be featured on Netflix series. He is a very kind person I heard and treats others with respect and peace by Piece. I haven’t watched or read about him yet. I probably should read one day 😜😜😜. Have a good day.

Note:- I know Dahmer, don’t talk about him.


15 thoughts on “Life Lessons – Labels

  1. Thank you Joelle 🥰. Dahmer indeed a Piece Maker 😜😂.

    Teachers should teach kids such a lesson too in between their boring numbers problems, my childhood math trauma still not left me 😂😂. Have a good day Ma’am 🥂🤗👍

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  2. What a great analogy you made Simon! A very important life lesson indeed! We should never let ourselves conditioned by the “labels” that others put on us!
    I had match teachers that I loved and others that I did not 😆
    I’m sure life with twins is not easy but you’re doing great 😉😍

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  3. Thanks Ribana for always finding a way to read my little work and appreciate it ,🥰 Yep, twin boys… Not easy… I swear.. but it’s fun…true fun, beautiful memories!! 😍


  4. Well dear Simon this was a very great and powerful message! We all need to read and hear this because some days we crawl under the other’s labels and accusations…and this can affect our entire journey! I was happy to be reminded of this after many challenges recently so thank you for this! And also there is a saying that the true friend is the one that will tell you when your face is dirty and as you said this student didn’t have a good friend surely, they all accepted to keep the label…Another great message 👌😊
    As far as I know Dahmer eats people right? 🥲🥲 but if you say he is kind then he is 😁I mean who can argue this hahah
    Thank you dear Simon and welcome back after the busy journey you had and the devotion to your family 😊💕

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  5. Happy to write this after a long break. A powerful message. Glad it reminded you. You are a strong person and I’m sure those labels won’t do a thing to you, if at all any one of it let it slip you, read this again ☺️. Yes, we all need one good friend like you.

    Dahmer is pure evil 🤣😂. People needs some humour on strong boring lessons too ☺️😀😉.. Wish I get good time as such to spend on my writing in future too Have a good day Huguette 🤗🥰

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  6. Thanks 🙂In my place such board work happens, and we are scared of math teachers in our childhood 😅. Not all Math teachers are same 😊🤗Thanks for reading, Have a wonderful week 💗

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