99 words Prompt:- Sherloq

August 8, 2022, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less), write a story about “the one who left the dress.” A 1940s-era dress still hangs in an abandoned house. Who left it and why? You can take any perspective and write in any genre. It can be a ghost story. Or not. Go where the prompt leads!

Submit by August 13, 2022. If you want to be published in the weekly collection, please use the form. The Collection publishes on the Wednesday following the next Challenge.

Rules & Guidelines.
*Carrot Ranch only accepts stories through the form below. Accepted stories will be published in a weekly collection. Writers retain all copyrights.
*Your blog or social media link will be included in your title when the Collection publishes.
*Please include your byline which is the name or persona you attribute to your writing.
*Please include the hashtag #99Word Stories when sharing either the Challenge or Collection posts in social media.


A 1940’s Era dress, hung in style on a big large mansion. For 82 years this was a treasure.

For Sherloq the dress wasn’t the treasure, but the secret it held. A small silver thread under the collar, 100 year old currency with a missing thread.

The clues matched precisely, this was a treasure that never reached the right person.

Sherloq found where the map is, the button is the direction, but the button was not there. After browsing thousands of museums found the button.

Sherloq began his solitary journey, he believed he was the only one, he isn’t.

To be continued ❣️


15 thoughts on “99 words Prompt:- Sherloq

  1. Very wide imagination dear Simon 👌😊 I would love to try but hardly finding time while preparing posts for the new website 😅 hopefully soon I will
    Thank you for sharing and have a great day 😊💕

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  2. Take your time, see I have to give up my daily relaxation post for a 99 word prompt. You can’t hold onto everything, let go of few to enjoy one 😉 reality 😇. Thanks for your continuous support on your busy schedule. You too have a great day 😍. by the way your website content is Good, hope it’s grabbing enough traffic.

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  3. Thank you dear Simon 🙏🏻😊 you’re doing the most traffic 😂 well I’m trying to find a way to take people there and get also their interactions
    The traffic is not bad according to the analysis I’m getting but would love to have the interactions back
    Hopefully I will get there 😊 appreciate your great support as always and I will work hard to improve as well 😊💕

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  4. Ha ha ha😁😁😸 I’m happy to know that part. Little promotion here and there will grab you all the traffic you needed. Happy writing 🎉 my support will always be there ❤️

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