Watch to – 10

Shruti’s mom, blushed. The proposal happened, they decided to walk to the other end of Sector 7 for a coffee shop to celebrate their first meeting. Kids were playing beside the park. A lady in short skirt were flirting with a business man and he was flirting back with her not knowing she stole his purse from back pocket. It was a mild cloudy day with cool wind.

Varun, reached sector 7 and waited on 3rd floor, and Carlos, opposite to the building waited for Tommy’s Car. First, arrived the gangsters group, they have inspected the area and looked around to check out if any one is watching. Varun & Carlos managed to hide so no body had seen them exist.  Tommy’s car arrived at the location. Shruti’s mom and Dad looked at each other ordered their first cup of coffee with two straw and waited for their order. Two gangsters dropped their weapons in front of them and checked each other to make sure all of them are unarmed.

One man from the Benz walked out, tall and dark with his white colour coat and black shoes shined, his fingers with diamond silver rings can be witnessed even from the 3rd floor. DP, walked out of the car and exchanged a suitcase, the man in white opened the suit case and checked out, small smile crossed his face, all of a sudden a man from the car pulled out a gun, he started to fire, a dog from nowhere jumps on one of the guard makes him fall on ground, the bullet got diverted and started to hit on innocent people. Tommy, froze the moment he saw the dog. It was BUG, their pet dog that travelled time along with them, so they haven’t lost their dog, Varun, watched the scene getting serious, the bullets pierced the girl that tried to steal the purse, another bullet pierces Shruti’s Dad, tears filled her eyes, she stood up in rage ran towards the gangsters another bullet pierced her chest, her lifeless body fell on floor. Varun, heart broke seeing them die, seeing innocent life lost on this mini gang war.

Tommy, whistled at Bug, the dog followed Tommy, they started to escape from the scene. Varun, managed to catch his breath and remained calm and guided Tommy to get out of the situation. DP and his gangsters safely got back into their car and searched for missing driver, some of the gangsters that already followed Tommy, got him under the basement. Carlos, Varun, Tommy, all felt goose bump at same time, in seconds they all disappeared. Gangsters stood there in shock confused with the disappearance of people.

Varun, Carlos, Tommy were back on the same room this time, the exact time they discussed the plans. Carlos, looked around, stared at each other. Tommy, rubbed his eyes commented ‘You both wont believe, I had a bad dream about this plan’ Varun and Carlos stared at him. Carlos, began to explain the situation ‘We have travelled back in time, now we got stuck in a loop. We are not getting back to original timeline until we fix this time line or face the consequences and die on this loop’

Tommy cross questioned ‘Are you saying the dream was real? Like the real real, we actually gone through all of THAT and got caught and here we are again? How on earth that’s happening? am i dead? or is this a weird dream, fuck your science. I don’t understand what loop is happening here, I just need to go home, way please!’

Carlos, answered ‘This shouldn’t be happening, something is wrong. we shouldn’t be on this loop’ Carlos, panicked and started to sweat, he started to write down what happened on board to understand why they stuck in a loop.

Varun, dwelled into deep thought was brought back to senses, ‘I think it was ..BUG, he is our way back to our home’

Tommy intervened ‘He messed it all up in first place, look what happened we all are doomed’!’ he said panicked.

Varun nodded and decided to work on a plan to kidnap Bug and let everything happen as it already happened so the entire mess up on time travel will be solved. Tommy, worried and looked nervous.

Carlos, face changed when the two of them sat there confused, he stared at the hidden watch like the one Varun has and smiled, it was an evil smile that hid his other face from us.

To be continued

9 thoughts on “Watch to – 10

  1. Yes, I should have named her first. Actually it was Shruti’s mom killed in the past, they are messing up the timeline again. Glad they are back again, thanks to time loop. BTW how is this time loop began? is that Carlos? Let’s wait and watch the Watch 😉

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  2. Mom, yes. Ok. I got a little confused.

    Yes, that remains yet to be seen😉 from where this whole game began. Carlos will answer our questions in time, of that I’m sure🤣
    I sense a big twist coming! Super excited! 😆I’m having way too much fun with this series.

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  3. ❤️ That’s a big hope on me. Wait, let me catch that in my back pack. It sure is safe now. Thanks for being kind 🥰 and I sure hope will deliver a Good Twist ❤️🥰

    Liked by 1 person

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