Watch to – 9

Carlos, Varun, Tommy joined for a meeting in their new office in year 1990. In a very short period, they got good customers to earn and took care of their needs on that timeline, it was a small commercial space in a large building with enough space to live inside, they changed the door sign to closed and joined in for a meeting.

Carlos, made the plan. This is about that particular day, Varun, have to visit the new building under construction on Sector 7 and have to wait on first floor. DP’s car will wait exactly down that building. The people he is going to meet will come on that particular spot, they are his business partners, that particular day, there is a black sheep on that crowd that will shoot DP. DP’s assistants will try to save him, it is going to be a mini gang war, I think that’s the spot, we need to let it happen to know more about it’

Varun, chewing his gum and listened to the entire plan, ‘I like this’ he said.

Carlos, nodded ‘This is not a game, Not a video game. You are smart, play the part and help us, we all can travel back to time safe and alive and save the world’ he said.

Varun, rose his hand as a sign of agreement ‘I agree! I have a question too. How are you so sure by saving my Dad, everything gets fixed?’

Carlos, ‘I have tons of questions too, I am not also not sure. Something happened on that day, I tried twice, each time I was there, I heard the gunshots, and I was pulled back to my original timeline and the situation was worse back in original timeline, the city is burning, it is like a major catastrophe, whatever Josh lee discovered is a catastrophe, human race is on danger’

Varun face turned serious ‘What did he discovered?’

Carlos, sat on his chair and leaned forward ‘I have no idea, His boys have visited your little garage, god knows what did they stole from you’

Tommy, stared at both of them ‘umm, and I’ll be here doing what? run the shop? sorry! I’m not interested in this business. Let me travel back time and wait for the killer. You and your plans. I need to find Bug and leave this timeline’

Varun, ignored him ‘Carlos, if nothing happened we play this game again? that shouldn’t happen. Messing with timeline have serious consequences and we can’t travel again and again’

Tommy, slightly upset, rubbed his eyebrows ‘Fine! I’m ignoring you. Hello! Is there a KFC product? . What do you mean there is no KFC product yet, back in my timeline… arghhh…. get me some fried chicken, pizza, and coke, alright! just one, in name of Tommy’

Carlos, worried about his impatience ‘Tommy, you must help. You are the one that is going to be the driver for DP. I’ll be guiding Varun, from the other top of the building to evacuate from the situation. There is something wrong on that particular time and we have to find this in one shot. We have to record all that happens here, without messing up the timeline, then we will travel back to this day again and we fix it, done!.’

Tommy, face stayed blank for a second, he yelled in shock ‘I’m not doing a suicide mission’

Varun, motivated Tommy ‘I’ll take care of you Tommy, we will have you monitored live and connected and we will not miss a single thing, nobody dies that day, alright?”

 Tommy, sighed and slouch on the chair wondering ‘Varun, I dont want to die, you are no god, you are just a crazy scientist and DP your dad was a bad ass and we are in this timeline, trying to save him, pretending to be his driver, on HIS car, oh my god, I’m scared, why don’t you send me back.’

Varun and Carlos looked at each other.

Next day, Tommy sat on DP’s car, on that day the climate was cool, but Tommy was sweating hard in fear. His hands shook. One of the body guard enquired him ‘You alright?’

Tommy, looked at him in shock ‘Yes, yes I’m okay, the gear? it’s missing!’ he hissed and searched for it and found it was under the steering ‘Fuck!’ he whispered, Varun on other side told him to stay calm, the gun man looked at him weird, he avoided his eye contact and swallowed hard ‘God, if you made this day, I’m going to build you a Church’ he sighed.

DP walked to the car with his girlfriend, Varun stared at street like a frozen robot.

Shruti’s Mom looked exactly like Shruti, walked by Sector 7, her father stared at her at the corner of the street with a letter on his hand to propose to his girlfriend. Varun, stared at Shruti’s mom and he admired her beauty, Carlos, held his arm tight and moved him away from staring at her. Shruti’s mom looked more interested on Varun, by the time she moves toward him, Carlos, entered and dragged him away. Shruti’s mom smiled at him and continued her walk.

To be continued..

11 thoughts on “Watch to – 9

  1. Aww thank you very much!
    I’m very much invested in this story. The timeline angle is pretty refreshing, I’d say 🤔
    You ever thought of turning this into a full length book? It’d be really good👏

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m working for that only, once the draft are published, one day, we will turn this around into a book. or maybe not.😅 It depends on how my twist works, time travel is a crazy theme to choose 🙄. Let’s see 😅. Thanks for being kind❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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