Watch To – 8

Carlos back then…

Carlos, woke up as it was a normal day. A detective, with a middle class life, not married, lost his dad at very young age, Carlos, grew up alone, responsible, inspired by his dad he tried to be a cop, but he couldn’t then he became a detective. Our detective had to face something new that day, it was strange.

He woke up and surprised to witness a hot cup of coffee beside his bed. He took a sip, it was just like his dad’s coffee the same level sweetness medium sugar added. He walked out of bed, searched the house to find his father sitting on the door front reading the daily paper.

‘Good morning detective, you are late, you have an interesting case to investigate today right?’ His dad said, he didn’t looked surprised, he behaved like he existed all these years here.

Carlos, stared at his dad with mixed emotion, his late father is talking to him. His eyes mixed with emotions, filled with tears, walked fast to his dad and hugged him. His dad consoled him ‘Its okay son. is everything alright?’ he asked.

Carlos, wiped his tears, nodded his head and said ‘I’m taking a leave today dad. We are going out’

‘But why? what special?’ his dad asked

‘If this is your last day on earth, what will you do dad?’ he asked.

‘Son, what kind of question is that? do you have any problem? are you hiding something from me?’ he asked with care.

Carlos, and his Dad spent the day out visiting all his dad’s favorite places and buy him his favorite foods , he sat and talked with him for whole day as if he talked after a very long gap.

‘Carlos, I know there is something wrong. whatever it is, I only want you to face it bold and strong like you always do’ his dad advised him before bed.

Carlos, opened his table locker and unboxed a diary his father asked him to use it when he feel something wrong with this world. He opened and read the diary, it was written by his dad, it has a box attached to it.

‘Carlos, one day you will wake up and you’ll find everything different. In order to understand why, I want you to unbox the little box, it has a time travel device. Don’t misuse it, a responsible son like you, would never misuse it. I want you to travel to the exact timeline mentioned below. On this day, your father will arrest a person, and you have to protect that kid, you will have everything figured out then, figure out what gone wrong. I know you will. Detective.’

Carlos, smiled at his Dad’s letter with pride as he already knew he would become a detective. A severe blast on the city happened that night, the entire building shook. There was a heavy blast that constantly burnt in the middle of the city, Josh Lee and Jay Lee and their entire empire got burnt in that horrid incident, it was the flash news on that day. The burst constantly burnt, no fire service or air water could contain the heat, the fire started to develop into a hot ball of sun, the people of that city started to vacate as the heat was unnatural and uncontrollable.

Carlos, unboxed the little box, it was a watch, and it glowed. It was the same watch Varun, discovered. Carlos, not knowing whose watch it is, he decided to travel time and discovered the series of events and investigated further and found out who is Varun.

It was Varun, that travelled time and it was Varun, that had changed the timeline now, realising only Varun could save this mess, Carlos, the detective decided to risk his life.

To be continued…

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