What is Collection Job?

 What Collection Job is all about?

What do collection professionals do?

Want to know about Collection Job description?

Collection specialist, Collection executive, Collections, Relationship officers, Collection officers, this is all about you.

This is a big job opportunity market in India right now that offers Job with a descent income.

Good things first.

  • Banking and Non Banking sectors and even other sectors have collection professionals.
  • They provide descent income in the market.
  • You can travel around the city.
  • Good arguing and convincing customer skill is key and that’ll keep you satisfied here.x
  • Good Salary + Good Incentives + Fuel conveyance.
  • Salary Hikes upto 50%

Exposing the dark side before taking this profile.

  • Some organisation forces employees to use their salary to achieve their target. Not everyone but the ones that aren’t able to achieve their target are asked to fund their own money for customers.
  • These companies has high attrition rates because of utilising their salary to achieve their target and go on a personal debt because of their bosses, due to this people leave their job for peace.
  • How people attracted here was the good offer and 40% to 50% hike from their current salary.
  • Since these are large organization and constantly recruiting employees their face is not exposed in social media yet. People are afraid to expose the real face of these financial companies.
  • Some employees are pushed to high mental stress during month end, there was even a suicide very recently with a 5 paged document. The news never came out.
  • Indirectly forcing employees to resign by taking personal revenge and targeting one particular employee if they had shown their attitude or asked the right questions.
  • HR is there , just there.
  • WHATSAPP social media platform is used for these leaders, and it will be constantly active 24/7. These leaders will message on this group anytime and expect a reply from these poor sub ordinates.
  • There will be no work life balance, even your sick leave will be mocked or even asked to come to office
  • The only segment in market that worked during pandemic, met customers and tortured them for money, of course it is part of the job.
  • You can find the most toxic, sadistic bosses on this market.

Your comments are welcome. here will negatively portray a collection job, but there are good companies too that treats employees well and doesn’t have any such practices in market. Choose such a company and work. All the best!

This post here I negatively portrayed for a reason. The collection job is not for everyone, also we must note there are good companies in the market too. I’m part of collections and I personally wanted our people to know this before taking this as their life long career, because I regret it, I don’t want you to feel the same. There also good companies on market that treats employees well and doesn’t have any such mal practices in market. Choose such a company and work. All the best!




4 thoughts on “What is Collection Job?

  1. That job is not for me since I’m not good at negotiation but for someone else this could fit.

    “HR is there , just there.”←I so laughed😂 and surprisingly those people earns more than other people they actually do the job.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😂😂 HR is just there and earns good 😂. This job is not good for people with weak mental health, if there is no choice and can handle any type of pressure for money – these people can try this job. This is far better than stealing and getting jailed 😂. Thanks for reading 💖

    Liked by 1 person

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