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Shruti rushed to help Varun. Tommy, rushed to check his garage door, he asked ‘You tried to break my door again? Varun, when are you going to stop hitting my door?’

Varun, stood up with help of Shruti ‘ friend Tommy, thanks for the help and your concern. I didn’t hurt your door’

Tommy raised his eyebrows ‘forget the door, you know, what’s the hot news? what is that thing?’

Varun, stared at his watch and a glowing ring, he placed it on his watch and the watch started to glow as if it is on a high powered led lights, Varun, laughed at his discovery, Shruti and Tommy watched him amazed they both asked ‘What is that thing?’

Varun, tightened the wrist band of the watch ‘hmm, that’s a power containing device, hoping a larger version could contain something bigger. all we need is a minor version to contain Araw’s power’

Shruti said ‘You are a genius, from these junks you created these? you completed the time machine now?’

Varun said ‘Not yet, but it’s almost over. the power source is all we needed to change the future of this world, right now it looks like we need a break. If I hit this door once more, either I’ll die or I’ll break his garage door’

Tommy answered ‘Please take a break’

Varun replied ‘Get me a donut Tommy’

Tommy stared at him blankly ‘Im not a maid’ and he also told him excited about the shares his dad bought from Jay Lee and that makes him the richest man in the whole world, Shruti, asked ‘how did you know?’

Tommy feeling proud ‘Oh don’t, stop praising me, I know everything’

Varun, smiled at Shruti wore his sunglasses and asked Tommy ‘You know who is not going to be happy?’ they both replied in unison ‘Josh Lee’.

Josh Lee son of Jay Lee, Josh Lee and Varun were class mates and Josh Lee was Ex Lover of Shruti, the competition between Varun and Josh in class was healthy, both geniuses played with their intelligence and participated in all science projects and shined through their college days until Varun proposed to Shruti. Shruti broke up with Josh months ago, Josh tool a break to college, a perfect time where Shruti started to admire Varun, and eventually had fell in love with Varun and accepted his proposal during a science exhibition. This incident poisoned Josh mind and his spark of ego to be the best of Varun at everything grew wild. After Varun, began his research and started to build time machine Josh got busy with his dad business. Jay Lee’s decision to sell their shares to Varun father drove Josh wild. Josh, wanted to build something new and beat his father and turn down their company to zero. Josh, will go to any extent to save his dad business.

Shruti, asked him ‘Are you not happy?’

Varun, replied as a responsible person. Varun, never hated Josh, Varun always wanted him to be his partner, he knew he was the only person that is equally challenging to his knowledge and creativity. ‘Josh, is not going to be happy, and I only want him to him to be happy, even though he hated me, he has a good heart, if he was here we together could have completed this time machine, I know I’m enough, I prefer to work alone’ he completed.

Shruti, surprised with his answer. Josh, has ego issues, a person with ego is just as fragile as women’s heart and Varun’s response to his ego made her feel proud of his response ‘I’m happy for you Varun. Josh, can never be you, I only wish he also thinks like you’

Tommy, replied out of the box in that situation ‘Yeah, Josh is like banana in a coconut tree and Varun is like a coconut in a coconut tree. Josh can never be a coconut or a banana in banyan tree? is my phrase right?’

Varun and Shruti stared at him blankly, Shruti said ‘Tommy, I think you better get busy with Bug’.

Tommy looked at Bug ‘Bug, they never knew how important we are into this story. Come lets play fetch and run’

Shruti and Varun, decided to visit his father.

Josh screamed at his dad ‘How dare you do this?’

Jay Lee calmly answered ‘Watch your words Josh. You are just a seed on this big world, these shares are nothing to me. We can make double of this tomorrow’

Josh asked ‘I should have never listened to you at first place, today Mr. DP is the number 1 and where we are today? where we are? I wanted to be number 1 dad, number 1 not number 2 I want to be damn number 1’

Jay, worried about his son’s ego used his words carefully ‘Josh, I’m with you. I’ll support you, I know you can become number one Josh. You have intelligence, money, power, you have everything they have, let’s do little hard work and bounce back to number one, it’s okay to be number 2 and we know it’s not forever, right?’

Josh stopped him ‘Stop preaching me. I know that and I know what to do’ Josh walked out of his dad office with rage. Josh called up a random number and informed a spy to visit Varun’s lab and check out what’s happening. Josh, hands trembled, he looked at his watch it was 2 pm. His new addiction to an expensive drug tamed his skills, he was no more an intelligent student now, he became a drug addict, as soon he reached the basement, he called his assistant. He quickly reached his bag and took a cigar stuffed with drugs. Josh inhaled it and held his breath for few seconds, the effect of drugs kicked his mind, he looked refreshed. He called up the random men again and told him to take pictures of whatever he could get from his lab.

Varun and Shruti reaches DP’s place, DP shorter version of Durvesh Prathap, not much people in market knows his full name, 99% of his people knew him only as DP. A succesful business magnet, visionary, philonthripist. His toughest competitor in the market is Jay Lee. DP’s wants his son Varun to be a part of his business like Jay Lee does, but Varun, had other ideas and he wanted to stand alone… not under the wing of his Father.

To be continued…

10 thoughts on “Watch to-3

  1. ahaha 😂😂thanks for noticing 😁 DP is a character I met in my real life, a business man☺️ are you sure you haven’t gone through my brain😂😂🤣🤣. Thanks for noticing that too 😁🥰🥰🥰

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  2. How you manage to create these stories, I’ll never know. But hey! This was smart 😉although I’ll be very honest- it was Shruti’s character that drew me here🤣lol we share the same name!!!!

    How you doing, btw? I hope you’re in good health and spirits ❤️
    Much love to your fam😘

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  3. Thanx Shruti ✨🙌That character 😅 glad u liked it.

    All is well💖 Good to hear from you. Hope all is well from your end too🤗 Thank you, Wish you a lovely weekend❤️

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  4. You’re most welcome 😊

    That’s good to hear! Lots of love!
    Yep, I’m doing excellent, better than ever, if I’m being honest.
    Enjoy your weekend!!😉don’t forget some popcorn 🤣

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