Watch to – 2

Shurti, rushed to help Varun, she lifted him up and giggled. Varun, dusted off his pants ‘Good, let me try it again’ Shruti stopped him ‘Why dont you take rest? you are hurt, we can do this again. Later’

Varun smiled as he stood close to her ‘I won’t stop until it works, it’s almost the end’ Shruti with a light smile worried about him getting hurt she asked again ‘I know you won’t stop, but, I don’t want to see you get hurt like this’ Varun replied with a look like that he had seen this million times ‘I have taken this before, it’s not new. Do me a favor, if I break my bones, call for help, if I didn’t, pull me up everytime I fall, deal?’

Shurti shook her head with a smile ‘I’ll always lift you up, I’ll be with Bug, don’t kill yourself okay?’

Varun, showed a thumbs up and walked back to his pile of junks and began to work on his time machine, he stared at his particle and worked on a math on his board to contain it’s energy while connecting it to the watch as it’s primary power source, it’s emission is causing a blast everytime he tried to fix with power source of the watch, also damaging the other components of the watch.

There was a knock on the door, Shruti, opened the door assuming that was the marketing man in white and white has come again, she opened her mouth to yell, and changed suddenly to a smile. It was Varun’s friend Tommy and he looked angry. Shruti, invited him inside the garage, he stopped her ‘It’s my garage, I will come anytime I want’ Shruti contained her smile and gave him way to enter the garage.

Varun, was busy with his board. Tommy, stood behind him ‘You killed the power of entire world last night? you know it right?’ Varun, nodded. ‘And you is now trying to break my garage door, right?’

Varun, turned back from his rolling chair ‘That, was an accident Tommy, you know I can replace your door, I can even help you replace this entire house’

Tommy, stopped him ‘For your kind information, you got kicked out of your house, and you are now just a part time homeless delivery boy that lives in a garage because of a good heart man Mr.Tommy’

Varun, raised his eyebrows to his friend with an attitude and walked to him ‘Why don’t you take a walk with Bug, take him’ His dog looked at him and tried to hide behind Shruti. Tommy replied ‘You are planning me to run forever? my parents will say why this dog is walking with another dog’

Shruti asked ‘Do you have another dog?’

Tommy looked at her with a blank face, Varun replied ‘That dog is him, Tommy the human breed’ Tommy sighed and rolled his eyes and spoke to his dog ‘Bug, did you miss me?’ Bug, tried to run away, Tommy chased him and played with him, Shruti, enjoyed watching them play on the lawn. Varun, on the other hand stared at his board and wondered why and how he can stimulate and control the power at same time and contain it on a small watch, he must design something to contain it’s power as its overwhelming each time he tried to test with it, he feared if gone out of hand that little particle could turn into an earth sucking black hole.

Shruti, received a call from her Dad. ‘Hi Dad’ she answered her phone call, Her dad was excited to share to her an important update about Varun’s dad ‘Varun’s father bought the project from Jay Lee, that makes him the richest man in our entire world. Varun know about that?’ She also equally surprised that she is in love with the son of world’s richest son who came out of his own house to bring his invention to the world, she answered ‘He is busy with his time machine dad’

Her father spoke to Shruti, his father would make a big labratory for his invention, what stopping him?

Shruti answered proudly ‘You know dad, he is a genius, he needs nothing to create what he wants, out of nothing he has the capability to buy this whole world’

Shruti recalled her days at college. Every student gossiped about their science project and waited eagerly to present to their teachers, Shruti, made a signal board that worked every second time the big needle hits 12, the signal turns on to red for 15 second and released. Varun, amazed at her invention he appreciated her for doing something with time. He also sat next to her and told her he is obsessed with time and time machine. Shruti, appreciated his comments and wished him good luck to the future, that was the first time she spoke to Varun. Shruti, admired him many times at college, never had guts to speak with him, when he suddenly jumps in to talk with her, she felt like she wanted to leave the conversation from Varun but her heart wants to talk with him, she tried to ignore the situation by turning to her friend. Varun, didn’t leave her and looked at her in the eye. Shruti, annoyed also enjoyed with his presence, she asked ‘what do you want, go and work on your project, don’t you have anything to present to our professor?’

Varun, smiled at her ‘Trying to get rid off me? fine! But, I must tell you, you look hot and I love you, can we go for a date tonight?’

Whole class turned silent, Shruti, hung her head feeling shy and embarrassed, she decided to reply him back with a strong comment ‘You get ‘O’ for Outstanding grade at this science project, I’ll think about coming for a date with you tonight’ she assumed Varun looked empty handed and got nothing to present, that means he never gets an ‘O’ grade.

Varun, stood with a smile and sat at his place chewing a bubble gum and stared at the board completely ignored her. Shruti, eyes kept spying at Varun, and waited for him to look at her, her mind raced like he ignored her because she asked for ‘O’ or he simply ignored her like forever.

Professor entered the class, each student had presented their project, professor examined and questioned each student’s on how they made each of their project. Varun, kept fiddling with his pocket video game gadget, while his mouth constantly chewed the bubble gum, Varun, had no interest at the science projects presented at the class, and be looked super cool and confident.

Professor asked Varun to present his project. He looked at Shruti, stood up from his chair walked to the center of the class and placed a small carrom coin shaped device on the board and explained to professor that is made of two coins, my tooth brush bristles, a small motor for the mechanism and a self adhesive and self release cushion at the botton with a mini wheels to move around, I introduce Cleaner.

Whole class laughed at him, Varun, chewed rhe gum and stared at the class with confidence and his face remained cool. Professor shooed the students to stay silent and asked Varun to show the demo. He waved his hand on the head of the device, the device used it’s small bristles to move around the board, in few minutes the whole board was neat and clean. Professor clapped his hands, whole class began to clap after the professor, Professor declared his top grade then and there as Varun the outstanding creator of this science project exhibition.

Varun, walked straight to Shruti, she appreciated him for the ‘O’ grade and amazed at his intelligence she bung her head and remained silent, she saw his shoes in front of her getting close, she rose her head and looked at him, Varun, smiled and asked ‘Date night? today at 6?’ Shruti smiled feeling shy she nodded and gave him a piece of paper that already wrote her number on it. Varun, smiled at the number and sat at his seat in style and showed in action ‘I’ll text you the address’.. Slowly the class students started to surround him with bunch of questions about his little Robot. Shruti, proudly watched him disappear to his little fans in the class.

An another blast made Varun, to fly from his junks to the garage door again, Shruti, rushed to pick him up, this time he had something even more glowing on his hand.

To be continued…

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