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Meet Bug, our famous motivator of the year. Since Varun, moved in to this big street, Bug, got famous around here. People calls Varun and appreciate him for being the great supporter and trainer. So tell me Bug, what are your future goals and how do you do it?

Bug, proudly looked at his owner and replied, ufff ufff huffrrrrghhh translation (well I’m a dog and it comes very natural to us, chasing humans, we push people limit and make them realise how powerful and faster they could be)

And I’ll end up in Jail. why don’t you just bite them in the leg, wasting your energy by chasing? what kind of dog are you! this is what I don’t understand about you dogs, you chase Humans and don’t bite, chase cats and kill them and never eat them, why?

Bug, stared at his owner and said huffff! means I’m a Dog.

Varun, recorded the whole conversation like a short interview on his mobile and spoke on behalf of his dog. Shruti, watched the whole conversation standing behind Varun. She came to Bug, and played with him. Varun, looked at her with sleepy eyes with a look of why are you coming here ? commented ‘Honestly tell me one thing, who you love? me or Bug?’ His dog looked at him like a possessive boyfriend, licked Shruti on her face and played more, there he goes he said.

Varun, shook his head from the sofa and rolled down to the floor.

Meet Varun, and his girlfriend Shruti and his dog and also his best friend Bug. Varun, son of a rich business man, worked as a part time delivery boy and paid most of his minimal earning to live in a small garage. Why this all happened? Varun, had a disagreement with his Dad, when he proposed he will continue building a time machine and has no interest to take care of his dad business, Varun got kicked out from his own house, Shruti with help of her dad, found a place next to her house in a small garage for a lower rent on that busy city. She also supported him with his time machine research, out of nothing, Varun, started to continue his research to building a time machine.

Shruti, worked as a Project coordinator on a Civil engineering project fell in love with Varun since college, she chased this genius with his crazy attitude of his will to make it happen anything he desires. Shruti, introduced her man with the vision to her parents, her family agreed immediately not because he was rich and brilliant, but because he is a good lover boy too, he has the perfect traits to convince a person that Bunnies lay eggs, his sharp jawline neatly shaped brows and his filled cheeks, he looked a perfect model. No one would ever tell behind this model looking there is a scientist side of him that works day and night relentlessly to build a time machine.

Varun, got calls from his frustrated neighbours because of his pet Bug. Bug, his favorite labra dog has been chasing people ever since he moved next to his girlfriend house. Varun, on his free time made a video and laughed at his small joke. Shruti walked in, as she always do, she played with his dog. Varun, stared at her and commented at her ‘Honestly tell me one thing, who you love? me or Bug?’ His dog looked at him like a possessive boyfriend, licked Shruti on her face and played more, there he goes he said.. and rolled down the sofa.

Shruti walked to him and asked ‘Do you remember what you promised me?’

After a brief pause, Varun, wondered which one she was taking about and asked her ‘Exactly which part of the book this question is from?’ he questioned back to manage the situation.

Shruti raised her eyebrows ‘The scientist part’

Varun, smiled and got up from the floor and gave her a small box. Shruti got it from him and examined it ‘Its a wireless boat headset, where did you get the money to buy this?’

Varun, with a look of why the girls are so dumb and asked her ‘Open and see’

Shruti with a half smile opened the box and her eyes grew wide, she witnessed a dark matter particle that contained unlimited energy covered by glass that too inside a boat headset box she looked at Varun surprised ‘What is this glowing thing?’

Varun, asked her ‘Did you had had power failure last night?’ Shruti nodded, ‘and it came on the news that entire world gone black for 5 minutes’ she nodded again with a shock on her face ‘Im the reason’ confessed Varun.

Shruti, looked at his table with junks of wires and cables and a circle of plastics and glass she touched at them and asked ‘Did you made this from this junk? I thought you are going to sell this. I’m really proud of you. what did you make exactly?’

Varun, explained ‘Well, I don’t exactly know the name of this particle, but this one I inspired from Iron man movie and I wanted something to help me with the time travel and that should carry unlimited amount of energy so that I can time travel and not get stuck without power, this one I call it Araw. Now I will place this Araw material in my time machine today and these are the plans to make it happen’ he showed a board to Shruti. she watched at it amazed. ‘How about you wait here, and I try this first step and test my time machine?’

Shruti, in shock ‘Are you serious?’

Varun, answered cooly ‘I’ve taken week off today, if you wanted you can join with me, let’s time travel together. what you say?’

Shruti, nodded as she wanted to support her boyfriends little invention to change the world. She walked back and forth watching Varun while he worked on time machine, she called to her office and informed she wont be coming to work. She hung up the phone, She sat beside his junks, she asked ‘incase if this machine works now, where will you go first? past or the future?’

Varun busily answered ‘Definitely to the future, I need to make this world a better place to live’

Shruti understood his eagerness to know about the future, she decided to advice him ‘but knowing the future is wrong, if we know the future we become god, and our purpose to live becomes meaningless’

Varun smiled with an attitude, ‘the time travel device isn’t complete yet, but your advice, Noted.’ he smiled and continued. There was someone outside the garage knocked the door.

Shruti, walked to the door and checked out, there was a man of her age wearing white and white spoke softly ‘Mam, I’m here from the ….’ Shruti stopped him before he continued, she thought he was one of the marketing executive and shooed him out and walked back to garage and watched Varun.

Who was that? Varun, asked. Shruti answered ‘I don’t know, some marketing guy’

Varun, gently opened his watch and opened the particle that glowed and connected it above 12 o clock, a little spark and Varun, flew back straight to garage door and got hit on his back. Shruti, instead of feeling bad, she laughed at his predicament, she helped him to get back to his feet.

To be continued..

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  1. Thanks for the positive vibe on the start 🥰 I’m nervous on coming chapters 😄 my first story of 2022 should not be boring. Happy Reading. Have a Lovely day ✨🥳

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  2. vanished 🧐I have searched for it, not found it🤔 hmm, very strange. This internet is a black hole, we put something and it disappears 🤣


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