ST – Part 1 – 20 Oct Incident.

Me & (MM) my mind – Self talk (ST) Part 1

(At a new place, on a business meet)

Me: I saw him, it was him

MM: It was him, that’s right, and he didn’t care.

(Walked past him, confused why he didn’t respond)

Didn’t care? but he waved his hand back, even tilted his head as if he knew me.

He must have thought you are a fool.

(It was a Loo break, recalling to confirm I am sure I met that guy, while washing my hands)

Nonsense, I know him. (I started again)

But, he pretended like he is not, that means, he don’t care seeing you. now look back, he will not even turn his head back at you.

Oh, that’s bad, he is not looking back at me, but, He is a good friend, why did he do that?

He was a friend.

He still is, I think he was busy at that moment.

A good friend would have come at you, holding back their work, taking a break for seconds, and he is not your good friend, just look at his attitude.

Sigh, you are confusing me, not helping me, I’m going to wait out for him, he will come see me.

I’m not confusing, I’m crystal clear, he didn’t care, go away, don’t wait for him.

(Waited for like a minute, nobody came out)

Alright, looks like he don’t care. um… can I call him?

Waste of time! You have plenty of other works, remember?

(I looked at my watch, it was getting late, so I started to leave)

Okay! forget him.

Delete his contact too.

You are evil.

I am you.

Are you saying, I am evil?

You are saying youself you are an evil, and yes, you are!

Just because he didn’t look back at me, how I became evil?

Just rollback your thoughts, you have been grinding the same thing like a zombie psycho.

Am I? (Sigh) I am not a psycho, I’m deleting his contact, damn, he didn’t care. I met him after years and he didn’t care.

That’s right, he didn’t care, psycho.

Stop that! I’m not a psycho, I’m overthinking at this moment, because, um… I got nothing else to think about right now… hmm.

(Playing songs in the head) talking to the mooooonn… ooonnnn…OOO ooo oooo…

Ah… nice song… let me dial my friend, he got a better caller tune…

To be continued😅….

I swear he won’t come back, he won’t even remember he started this.

Stop that! I’m publishing it now, and I’ll publish it often, I’ll try.

He will, yes! believe me! I am him… him… and him will forget..

I’m publishing…

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